Definition of longed-for in English:



  • Strongly wished for or desired.

    ‘a longed-for second child’
    • ‘A pair of love birds found out what it was like to be treated like royalty when a longed-for letter from the Queen arrived by special delivery.’
    • ‘School holidays have finally arrived, and with them looms the prospect for many of finally being able to take that much longed-for summer holiday.’
    • ‘Then I realised that the longed-for news of peace had come through on the last news.’
    • ‘People with terminal illnesses living in the Sheffield and Peak District areas will be able to apply for bursaries from the charity to help them realise longed-for dreams.’
    • ‘Her ailing father turned his face to the wall when he was presented with a princess, rather than the longed-for male heir.’
    • ‘The exams didn't go as well as hoped, the grades weren't there - and that longed-for university place looks like going up in smoke.’
    • ‘They are a happy, successful couple whose only flaw is the absence of a longed-for child.’
    • ‘Three years ago, she began the search for a clinic which could give her the longed-for fourth baby.’
    • ‘Make a list of your fundamental needs and your most longed-for wants.’
    • ‘My father, who had no interest in fishing himself, eventually accepted this was no passing childhood whim and one day the longed-for parcel arrived.’
    • ‘Margo was second youngest, the only and much longed-for girl.’
    • ‘Through Edmund's influence Summers is given his longed-for captaincy.’
    • ‘Despite being described as the most exciting and wide-ranging British actor since Daniel Day-Lewis, fatherhood has been his longed-for role.’
    • ‘Amelio succeeds in showing the abysmal sadness that results when the longed-for miracle of education doesn't quite live up to its hype.’
    • ‘Whatever way you look at it, it's the most longed-for celebration on the nation's calendar.’
    • ‘Luke was a longed-for baby.’
    • ‘The habitual, gentle and ordinarily longed-for oblivion of the end of the day had morphed into something considerably more sinister.’
    • ‘With coaching, people from all walks of live are experiencing significant shifts in their lives and achieving more of their longed-for goals in every conceivable area.’
    • ‘Crucial documentation surrounding the case is currently being studied by counsel in the hope of launching proceedings which could result in a longed-for conviction.’
    • ‘In my part of the country, the oppressive days of late summer are now past, and the first hint of the longed-for winter rains have teased us by speckling the dusty ground.’
    attractive, sought-after, in demand, popular, looked-for, desired
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