Definition of long sight in English:

long sight


mass noun
  • The inability to see things clearly, especially if they are relatively close to the eyes, owing to the focusing of rays of light by the eye at a point behind the retina.

    Also called hypermetropia
    • ‘You can be old and have your short or long sight surgically corrected.’
    • ‘Defective vision due to short sight or long sight can be corrected by wearing spectacles, contact lenses or by LASIK.’
    • ‘I was diagnosed with long sight in my right eye when I was about six years old, and wore glasses until I was about seventeen when I gave them up in a fit of vanity.’
    • ‘However, clinical trials have shown that 92% of patients with low to moderate levels of long sight achieve near-normal vision after one procedure.’
    • ‘A significant proportion of the EMI students chose Options C and D, indicating that many of them could not distinguish between the effects of short sight and long sight.’
    • ‘Some conditions such as short or long sight, eye muscle co-ordination problems and most lazy eyes can be corrected, and glasses are not always necessary.’