Definition of long run in English:

long run


  • 1"in (also †on, †upon) the long run" (formerly and in earliest use also "†at (the) long run"): in the end, over a long period of time, as the ultimate outcome; at last, at the end.

  • 2A continuous sequence of theatrical performances extending over a long period of time; a long continuous period of being put on stage. Later: a long continuous period of presenting any entertainment.


  • 1Of or relating to a play (or later any entertainment) which is presented for a long continuous period of time; designating such a play or entertainment.

  • 2Designating the transport of goods, passengers, etc., over a long distance; relating to or involved in such transport.

  • 3Taken or considered in the long run; = "long-term".


Early 17th century; earliest use found in Thomas Rogers (c1553–1616), religious controversialist and Church of England clergyman. From long + run.


long run

/ˈlɒŋ ˌrʌn/