Definition of long lens in English:

long lens


  • A lens with a long focal length, especially as a camera attachment for taking photographs from a great distance.

    • ‘Jeff's undeterred, and, using binoculars and the long lens of his camera to get a close-up look at what's going on, comes to believe the salesman is acting suspiciously.’
    • ‘I get so excited, like those armies of people with long lenses who hang around in nature reserves.’
    • ‘Hanging from her neck was a small digital camera with a long lens.’
    • ‘Perhaps I'll take my Pentax along and use the long lens to get a better shot.’
    • ‘With the amount of gear and long lenses that photographers carry, they are obvious candidates for a baggage check, and yet they both passed through without anyone troubling them.’
    • ‘The simplest method is to make one exposure of just the moon using a very long lens and another of an interesting landscape, then combine them later in a slide duplicator.’
    • ‘You put the camera at the level of the ‘crowd’ and use long lenses that limit the field of vision of the camera eye.’
    • ‘Lenses shorter than 50 mm are considered wide-angle lenses; those longer than normal are considered telephoto or long lenses.’
    • ‘By moving in close to an old, weathered face, either physically or with a long lens, you focus the viewer's attention on the wrinkles and crevices.’
    • ‘Staff on another flight reported that one passenger had used a long lens to take photographs of the cockpit door.’
    • ‘Sometimes you can use a very long lens to compress several repeating details into a pattern.’
    • ‘A very tight shot of a bear - even if you made it with a long lens at the zoo - creates breathless drama.’
    • ‘No, you should use the telephoto long lens and stand back.’
    • ‘Newspapers invested in better cameras and long lenses.’
    • ‘The simple photograph taken with a long lens from relatively far, showing his wife Nancy touching the casket, speaks volumes.’
    • ‘Even when she competes for Birchfield, her club, the long lenses of photographers follow her every move.’
    • ‘Fabric-covered beanbags are another option - particularly useful for resting a long lens on a rock or a car fender.’
    • ‘He has used long lenses for most of the photographs to produce a suitably vague background.’
    • ‘The second rule is to use a long lens (at least 135 mm, but around 200-250 is better).’
    • ‘Passengers scramble from cabins with an arsenal of cameras, long lenses, monopods and binoculars.’