Definition of long grasser in English:

long grasser


  • A homeless person who sleeps in the open, especially an Aboriginal person.

    ‘not all long grassers are drinkers, you know’
    • ‘Long grassers' drinking and partying habits are used as justification for persecution.’
    • ‘At least I suppose the "long-grassers" will have a comfortable bed and good nutrition for the duration of their incarceration.’
    • ‘When long grassers are unable to pay their fines, they are imprisoned.’
    • ‘What I really wanted to address was the fact that not all Long Grassers are drinkers.’
    • ‘Over one hundred homeless people, often called 'long grassers' held a protest outside Parliament House.’
    • ‘"Ya know what the time is, mate?" asks a "long grasser" sitting under the trees.’
    • ‘As you can now breathe the humidity in the air, see the clouds building on the horizon, and hear the thunder in the distance consideration is being given to longgrassers and assisting many of them to return home.’
    • ‘The council employs some young men as night patrol to harass and move on long grassers, often using physical force.’
    • ‘Long Grasser Dave expressed to me concern about having his swag confiscated or destroyed by Council workers.’
    • ‘Long grassers are making a strong statement against the white-washed facade of the city.’