Definition of long-tailed tit in English:

long-tailed tit


  • A small Eurasian songbird that resembles a tit, having black, white, and pink plumage and a long slender tail, and building a domed nest.

    Genus Aegithalos, family Aegithalidae: several species, in particular A. caudatus

    • ‘Here, between two spring-fed lakes, we had our sandwiches and watched a dozen acrobatic long-tailed tits spin in the branches.’
    • ‘There has been an increase in the number of common tits visiting gardens with blue, great, coal and long-tailed tits all up in numbers.’
    • ‘Soon I saw a flock of nine long-tailed tits and disturbed a tawny owl from its roost in an ivy-covered tree.’
    • ‘I'd eaten mine, so the dozen long-tailed tits will have to stick with their dinners in the alder trees.’
    • ‘In Scotland, where I work, long-tailed tits start constructing their nests as early as March, when spring still looks a lot like winter.’
    • ‘Several correspondents made reference to this habit when reporting siskins and long-tailed tits feeding on peanuts.’
    • ‘In contrast, birds such as nuthatches, long-tailed tits and collared doves are spreading into new areas and their numbers seem to be on the up.’
    • ‘My bird list included long-tailed tit, greenfinch, mistle thrush, collared dove, pied wagtail, great tit and a particularly coloured male bullfinch.’
    • ‘Some nests in each of the study sites were protected from avian predators by cages of 6 cm wire-netting, which permits access by long-tailed tits, but not corvids.’
    • ‘Blue, great and long-tailed tits all continue to prosper and since over 70 per cent of gardens surveyed provided peanuts, this may not be surprising.’