Definition of long-running in English:



  • Continuing for a long time.

    ‘a long-running dispute over EU subsidies’
    • ‘Fire fighters have threatened to strike if a long-running dispute is not settled.’
    • ‘He said the dispute had been long-running and a cause of concern to staff and patients alike.’
    • ‘It threatens to unravel a deal over the long-running pay dispute which led to an all-out strike.’
    • ‘I know that my inability to act is my fault, based on several long-running problems, but being with them emphasises it.’
    • ‘Residents in Cardiff are continuing a long-running campaign to defend the city's health services.’
    • ‘Jubilant residents were today celebrating a High Court victory in a long-running planning dispute.’
    • ‘Hopes of an end to their long-running dispute over pay have now been dashed.’
    • ‘The new owner of a historic house at the centre of a long-running dispute hopes it will eventually be restored.’
    • ‘There have been long-running arguments across the UK about repatriation.’
    • ‘A feature of this long-running dispute has been the Government's two-faced approach.’
    • ‘Continuing a long-running trend, the bulk of pay came in the form of stock options.’
    • ‘Striking train conductors are getting set to hold a referendum to see if a long-running rail dispute should continue.’
    • ‘After only two months in office, he ended a long-running border dispute with Peru.’
    • ‘University bosses urged academics today to end a marking boycott called as part of a long-running dispute over a pay deal.’
    • ‘There has been a long-running dispute over the future of the bridge.’
    • ‘The council hopes the move could end a long-running dispute over the old tradition of drying washing across back alleys.’
    • ‘The dispute centres on a long-running argument about terms and conditions.’
    • ‘One obvious commonality is the fact that all this can loosely be grouped under the banner of long-running US drama.’
    • ‘The action is part of a long-running dispute over pay and discriminatory performance systems.’
    • ‘Train drivers in the north of England continued a long-running dispute over pay this week.’
    lasting, long-lasting, durable, continuing, remaining, persisting, prevailing, abiding, eternal, perennial, permanent, unending, everlasting
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