Definition of lolly water in English:

lolly water


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • Non-alcoholic or weak alcoholic drink.

    ‘all three of them were on the lolly water—apparently they had early starts’
    ‘an ice-cold, full-strength can of beer rather than some lolly water’
    • ‘This last weekend, while up at my sister's place I allowed them both to have one bottle of Peach Schnapps. The stuff's like lolly water.’
    • ‘They will be sucking lolly-water from a repulsive plastic bottle.’
    • ‘If there waren't any lolly-water, the kids would just make their own anyway.’
    • ‘It's certainly not in the lolly-water category, so what you get here is earthy, slick-textured, virile dry white in classic pinot gris character.’
    • ‘A better informed public spells bad news for lolly water.’
    • ‘He posed on a Canberra rooftop drinking lolly water with Josh.’
    • ‘I finish my rice paper rolls and twist open my first drink of the day: some green lolly water, Midori something.’
    • ‘This doesn't have the sweet, cloying style of pink lolly water that constituted most rosé wine fifteen years ago.’
    • ‘In theory, soft drink prices should remain unaffected and it will be interesting to see how many places put up their lolly water tariff.’
    • ‘This is a rose pinot that tastes like a rose pinot should, and not like a sweet lolly water.’