Definition of lolly pink in English:

lolly pink


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • A vibrant shade of pink; shocking pink.

    ‘the letters are outlined in lolly pink’
    as modifier ‘the lolly pink snowboard was too cute for my liking’
    • ‘Its lolly-pink flower sprays provide a refreshing change from the widely grown purple.’
    • ‘Evening wear was a lolly pink wrap over a little black dress.’
    • ‘The opening black and white shot and the lolly pink Dior suit do her more justice.’
    • ‘The lolly-pink attired Thunderbirds have been hot property in recent matches and will present a formidable obstacle.’
    • ‘These houses were brightly painted, terracotta, lolly-pink and peppermint, and they were surrounded by outbuildings, with tractors and cars and children's bikes scattered in the yards.’
    • ‘For any colour-doubters out there - lolly pink looks wonderful surrounded by beautiful green foliage and lawns.’
    • ‘A single sofa had been specially designed and constructed of metal and covered in lolly pink cushions.’
    • ‘The guide's eyes visibly widened as he nervously adjusted his lolly-pink bowtie.’