Definition of loll in English:



  • 1no object, with adverbial Sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way.

    ‘the two girls lolled in their chairs’
    • ‘You know that infectious disease where you just want to loll around and get fat and not know what time it is?’
    • ‘Rick opened the door to find a teenage girl lolling about the overstuffed chair in the room.’
    • ‘Now there is a great reason to loll around Starbucks, in addition to WiFi.’
    • ‘I spent half the morning lolling around in bed with the windows open, enjoying the sunshine.’
    • ‘I am going to spend the last few weeks before the big day lolling around, sleeping in, cooking food to put in the freezer - all that preparation-for-a-life-changing-event kind of stuff.’
    • ‘Now that school's out, I've lost my free and convenient net source, and so I've been lolling around at home, getting fat.’
    • ‘You can't just loll around all day moaning about your head.’
    • ‘These ‘children’ weren't playing Nintendo or lolling around in a sandbox when they were taken into custody.’
    • ‘For the rest of the afternoon, I'd loll around her bungalow, which contained nothing of any interest to children.’
    • ‘Isabelle and John write that they are keen to do plenty of relaxing, preferably on a beach, beside a lake or simply lolling around a pool.’
    • ‘These boats aren't meant for the idle rich, who are used to lolling around on 100-foot megayachts while minions peel them grapes.’
    • ‘We climbed the steep lane back to the Inn, pausing here along the way, and had a lovely lazy afternoon lolling on a hammock on the porch.’
    • ‘The twins were lolling around in front of the television, the man was reading the newspaper and the woman was doing some mild housekeeping.’
    • ‘She lolled in a swivel chair in an office building, looking out the window over the city.’
    • ‘Jamie lolled by the ticket stand, waiting for Marcus to buy his cinema ticket.’
    • ‘I thought about the good old days, when women did everything in the house and men lolled around in armchairs reading the paper and throwing their socks on to the floor.’
    • ‘Once inside the joint, you see girls with black-rimmed glasses lolling around the sofas, riffling Penguin classics provocatively.’
    • ‘It was a bit disconcerting to sing in front of people lolling around on cushions at first, but in the end it was great.’
    • ‘Or you can just loll around Hafton's magnificent indoor pool with a glass of champagne for company.’
    • ‘Across the way, several dozen handsome Somali men and woman lolled around the garden in formal suits and dresses.’
    lounge, sprawl, drape oneself, stretch oneself, lie, sit, flop
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    1. 1.1 (of a part of the body) hang loosely; droop.
      ‘he slumped against a tree trunk, his head lolling back’
      • ‘A black collie ran back towards her, her fur ruffled in the wind, tongue lolling out.’
      • ‘Her eyes drooped slightly and her head lolled back and hit the mirror again.’
      • ‘The man's head lolled around with the motion of the train, as if his neck muscles had decided that they'd been working too hard and it was time for a holiday.’
      • ‘Most nights, my head is lolling on my chest around 11 pm while Emeril is overseasoning the universe on my TV.’
      • ‘One of the little dogs looked up at her, and then sprang to his feet, bounding over to her, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.’
      • ‘The puppy that had so taken a liking to Cael bounded in the room, its tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and his eyes dancing playfully.’
      • ‘A man with the face of a dog smiled at her from the painting, his tongue lolling out happily over his business suit.’
      • ‘His body sagging between two policemen, Johnny's head lolled forward and the tips of his boots skittered behind.’
      • ‘The only thing in front of her was this dog, who was grinning at her with his tongue lolling out.’
      • ‘Her body was limp and her head lolled back and forth in a disturbing manner.’
      • ‘He looked up at her, tongue lolling out, ice cream covering his muzzle, sweat dripping from his fur in several places.’
      • ‘The older vampire's cold body was limp and pliant, and his head lolled to the side.’
      • ‘His eyelids drooped, and his head lolled forward.’
      • ‘His head lolled towards Ian but the body wouldn't budge.’
      • ‘He didn't seem to mind as I hung there lazily, my head lolling to the side.’
      hang, hang down, drop, hang limply, hang loosely, dangle, droop, sag, flap
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    2. 1.2with object Stick out (one's tongue) so that it hangs loosely out of the mouth.
      ‘the boy lolled out his tongue’
      • ‘The dog proceeded to stand on his hind legs, waving his front paws at the man and lolling his tongue out in an expression of doggy glee.’
      • ‘I let my head roll to the side and lolled my tongue out the corner of my mouth.’
      • ‘He dramatically flops backwards, lolling out his tongue and pretending to be dead.’
      • ‘The largest grinned, lolling out a tongue and displaying ivory teeth.’
      • ‘If this fails to intimidate the attacker the snake turns belly up, opens its mouth and lolls its tongue out, playing dead.’
      hang down, hang, hang loosely, dangle, droop, sag, flap, flop, drop
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Late Middle English: probably symbolic of dangling.