Definition of loll in English:



  • 1 Sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way.

    ‘the two girls lolled in their chairs’
    • ‘I thought about the good old days, when women did everything in the house and men lolled around in armchairs reading the paper and throwing their socks on to the floor.’
    • ‘I am going to spend the last few weeks before the big day lolling around, sleeping in, cooking food to put in the freezer - all that preparation-for-a-life-changing-event kind of stuff.’
    • ‘These ‘children’ weren't playing Nintendo or lolling around in a sandbox when they were taken into custody.’
    • ‘Rick opened the door to find a teenage girl lolling about the overstuffed chair in the room.’
    • ‘For the rest of the afternoon, I'd loll around her bungalow, which contained nothing of any interest to children.’
    • ‘The twins were lolling around in front of the television, the man was reading the newspaper and the woman was doing some mild housekeeping.’
    • ‘Now that school's out, I've lost my free and convenient net source, and so I've been lolling around at home, getting fat.’
    • ‘I spent half the morning lolling around in bed with the windows open, enjoying the sunshine.’
    • ‘Once inside the joint, you see girls with black-rimmed glasses lolling around the sofas, riffling Penguin classics provocatively.’
    • ‘Isabelle and John write that they are keen to do plenty of relaxing, preferably on a beach, beside a lake or simply lolling around a pool.’
    • ‘You can't just loll around all day moaning about your head.’
    • ‘We climbed the steep lane back to the Inn, pausing here along the way, and had a lovely lazy afternoon lolling on a hammock on the porch.’
    • ‘These boats aren't meant for the idle rich, who are used to lolling around on 100-foot megayachts while minions peel them grapes.’
    • ‘You know that infectious disease where you just want to loll around and get fat and not know what time it is?’
    • ‘It was a bit disconcerting to sing in front of people lolling around on cushions at first, but in the end it was great.’
    • ‘Across the way, several dozen handsome Somali men and woman lolled around the garden in formal suits and dresses.’
    • ‘She lolled in a swivel chair in an office building, looking out the window over the city.’
    • ‘Or you can just loll around Hafton's magnificent indoor pool with a glass of champagne for company.’
    • ‘Now there is a great reason to loll around Starbucks, in addition to WiFi.’
    • ‘Jamie lolled by the ticket stand, waiting for Marcus to buy his cinema ticket.’
    lounge, sprawl, drape oneself, stretch oneself, lie, sit, flop
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    1. 1.1(of a part of the body) hang loosely; droop.
      ‘he slumped against a tree trunk, his head lolling back’
      • ‘A man with the face of a dog smiled at her from the painting, his tongue lolling out happily over his business suit.’
      • ‘His head lolled towards Ian but the body wouldn't budge.’
      • ‘One of the little dogs looked up at her, and then sprang to his feet, bounding over to her, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.’
      • ‘He looked up at her, tongue lolling out, ice cream covering his muzzle, sweat dripping from his fur in several places.’
      • ‘His body sagging between two policemen, Johnny's head lolled forward and the tips of his boots skittered behind.’
      • ‘Her eyes drooped slightly and her head lolled back and hit the mirror again.’
      • ‘The man's head lolled around with the motion of the train, as if his neck muscles had decided that they'd been working too hard and it was time for a holiday.’
      • ‘His eyelids drooped, and his head lolled forward.’
      • ‘The only thing in front of her was this dog, who was grinning at her with his tongue lolling out.’
      • ‘The older vampire's cold body was limp and pliant, and his head lolled to the side.’
      • ‘He didn't seem to mind as I hung there lazily, my head lolling to the side.’
      • ‘Most nights, my head is lolling on my chest around 11 pm while Emeril is overseasoning the universe on my TV.’
      • ‘Her body was limp and her head lolled back and forth in a disturbing manner.’
      • ‘The puppy that had so taken a liking to Cael bounded in the room, its tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and his eyes dancing playfully.’
      • ‘A black collie ran back towards her, her fur ruffled in the wind, tongue lolling out.’
      drop, hang limply, hang loosely, dangle, droop, sag, flap
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    2. 1.2[with object]Stick out (one's tongue) so that it hangs loosely out of the mouth.
      ‘the boy lolled out his tongue’
      • ‘The dog proceeded to stand on his hind legs, waving his front paws at the man and lolling his tongue out in an expression of doggy glee.’
      • ‘He dramatically flops backwards, lolling out his tongue and pretending to be dead.’
      • ‘I let my head roll to the side and lolled my tongue out the corner of my mouth.’
      • ‘If this fails to intimidate the attacker the snake turns belly up, opens its mouth and lolls its tongue out, playing dead.’
      • ‘The largest grinned, lolling out a tongue and displaying ivory teeth.’
      hang down, hang, hang loosely, dangle, droop, sag, flap, flop, drop
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Late Middle English: probably symbolic of dangling.