Definition of logwood in English:



  • A spiny Caribbean tree of the pea family, the dark heartwood of which yields haematoxylin and other dyes.

    Haematoxylon campechianum, family Leguminosae

    • ‘The region was a habitat for logwood, a species of small tree found in parts of the southwestern Caribbean that was most commonly used to make a black dye.’
    • ‘Some of the early privateers settled in these waterlogged plains, cutting and selling logwood as a means to generating wealth.’
    • ‘The early settlers were attracted by the logwood, from which was extracted dyes used by the Lancashire cotton industry.’
    • ‘The many disputes and difficulties that arose over the rights of growing and cutting logwood are a matter of history.’
    • ‘There was a group of men that went to the logwoods, sawing the trees and loading them onto trucks.’
    • ‘On land, they plundered logwood, a tree used to produce a dye used in the woolen industry.’
    • ‘Mahogany cutting and removal were dramatically more labor-intensive than logwood.’