Definition of logistic curve in English:

logistic curve


  • A sigmoid curve used in population studies which increases exponentially for small values of the variable, and approaches a constant value asymptotically for large values.

    • ‘However, the response of five species was better explained by logistic curves.’
    • ‘A least-squares approach was used to fit diameter growth with the logistic curve for each genotype.’
    • ‘He studied the Verhulst equation and the logistic curve.’
    • ‘In evolutionary biology, a question of how a population evolves on a logistic curve is determined by how selection acts on the growth and by the local geometry of the curve itself.’
    • ‘If a population grows according to the logistic curve with an intrinsic growth rate greater than 1 and assuming a carrying capacity of 450,000, an average number of 7 descendants per individual is obtained.’