Definition of logarithmic spiral in English:

logarithmic spiral


  • another term for equiangular spiral
    • ‘Oddly, that ice is riddled with a number of huge chasms that collectively form logarithmic spirals around the planet's poles.’
    • ‘He exhibited the logarithmic spiral as the stereographic projection of a loxodrome on a sphere, a projection he proved to be conformal.’
    • ‘Work on the logarithmic spiral, which had been rectified by Wallis in the late 1650s, led Wren to note that it was possible to consider an area preserving transformation which would transform a cone into a solid logarithmic spiral.’
    • ‘Kollerstrom took us on a journey through sacred geometry, symmetry, fractals, latent pentagrams and logarithmic spirals, illustrated with aerial shots of his favourite crop circles.’
    • ‘He also investigated caustic curves and in particular he studied these associated curves of the parabola, the logarithmic spiral and epicycloids around 1692.’