Definition of log table in English:

log table


  • A table of mathematical logarithms.

    ‘I grew up in the days of log tables and slide rules’
    • ‘I remember the recommendation on the first day of the course to buy a book of log tables.’
    • ‘To do this, we work out the power ratio and then look up the log of this value in log tables.’
    • ‘Engineers stopped using slide rules and log tables because they had handheld calculators.’
    • ‘Prior to computers and electronic calculators, work was done on mechanical calculators and the designer had to work with log tables.’
    • ‘If you wanted to multiply two numbers together using a log table, you would look up the logarithm of both numbers and then add the logarithms together.’
    • ‘A question asking about the price of a field per hectare referred students to the page of the log tables where they would find the relevant conversion formula.’
    • ‘In his pre-calculator days, he could spend all his free time calculating his batting average to several decimal points using log tables and slide rules!’
    • ‘In 1907 he developed log tables which were especially easy for students to use.’
    • ‘We can get the calculator out and do this calculation or, if you are a bit more hard-core, log tables or a slide rule.’
    • ‘He produced log tables which were designed for taking 10th roots and powers of numbers.’