Definition of log flume in English:

log flume


  • A water chute ride at an amusement park.

    • ‘The Raging River Ride log flume lets older kids and adults experience the splash of a 60 km-an-hour drop from 11 metres.’
    • ‘Spend all day riding the rollercoasters, roundabouts, railroad trains and log flumes of the theme park until you're utterly exhausted.’
    • ‘Remember when roller coasters vied simply to be the tallest, fastest, and scariest, and a log flume ride was just a big splash?’
    • ‘Other entertainments include the country's biggest carousel, a log flume and a mini-zoo.’
    • ‘Another faction wants to baptize people by dumping buckets of holy water on them as they ride the log flume under a walk-way at a local theme park.’
    • ‘After watching the council kids in their underwear enjoying the showers of water from the log flume we drove back to London in our oven-on-wheels content and relaxed after our few days away.’
    • ‘The girls just took this as an opportunity to ride the log flume and get henna tattoos.’
    • ‘The log flume was the last ride we went on that day, but not because of what had happened.’
    • ‘Overall, it wasn't nearly as fun as the log flume I rode at the carnival in Brahm.’
    • ‘It has one rollercoaster, a log flume and far too many coin-operated sources of family strife, but the emphasis here is on rainy-day attractions, some of which are rather unexpected.’
    water slide, slide, flume, hydroslide
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