Definition of log cabin in English:

log cabin


  • 1A hut built of whole or split logs.

    • ‘Viewed from a log cabin in the wilds, today's Anchorage of 237,000 (almost half the total population of Alaska) is a dreadful prospect.’
    • ‘He said that minority societies in the US had been able to buy into the ‘American dream’ that a boy from a log cabin could make it to the White House, whereas no one talked about the ‘British dream’.’
    • ‘The family center, a large log cabin with a fireplace built of unworked stone, is the site for the opening campfire gathering.’
    • ‘When I was ten our house burned down and we built a log cabin from trees my step-dad cut on the property.’
    • ‘The Lincoln Living Historical Farm is a working pioneer homestead with a log cabin, outbuildings, split rail fences, livestock, gardens, and field crops.’
    • ‘There are also plans afoot for a parking lot and visitors' center, which will be housed in a turn-of-the-century log cabin some distance from the crater.’
    • ‘The travelers passed settlements consisting of one store, one saloon, and a log cabin or two.’
    • ‘My favorite was his chipmunk house, a miniature log cabin with tables and chairs, a front porch, a wood pile, and a rocking chair.’
    • ‘Because the house was a log cabin, the walls were full of chinks filled with mud and emitted a woody smell.’
    • ‘Inside the house you get the feeling of being in a log cabin.’
    • ‘During the 2003 heatwave, when the pub's small bar was getting overcrowded, a log cabin was built in the beer garden.’
    • ‘It's a log cabin built on the scale of a grand European ski hotel.’
    • ‘That night was spent on the tundra across the lagoon, near an old hunting and fishing camp with an ancient log cabin, a small graveyard, and some grassy platforms where tents were erected and large hides pegged out to be scraped and dried.’
    • ‘The station was a small log cabin with lots of lights and windows.’
    • ‘He can't be exact without a lengthy stock-check, but there are more 7,500 of the plastic kits stacked floor to ceiling in his lounge and the log cabin in his garden.’
    • ‘His house was a simple, fairly primitive home, built from logs like an odd sort of mix between a tree house and a log cabin.’
    • ‘Tommy pointed to the external hot tub beside a log cabin as a nice touch to the house.’
    • ‘We enjoyed an excellent meal in a booth in an ersatz log cabin, then retired, dizzy and incredulous that we'd made it this far.’
    • ‘William Tennent, therefore, established a small school for Presbyterian ministers in a log cabin on the farm he owned in Bucks County.’
    • ‘My father, growing up, had spent his summers at a log cabin on the edge of Mount Rainier - a place without lights or running water, in the shadow of the great Douglas firs.’
    1. 1.1usually as modifier A pattern of squares used for patchwork quilts resembling the patterning of wood in a log cabin.
      ‘a log cabin quilt’
      • ‘They admire crazy quilts for their glorious colors and fancy needlework, log cabin quilts for the numerous variations on a familiar theme, and Baltimore album quilts for their fine stitching.’


log cabin