Definition of loftsman in English:


nounPlural loftsmen

  • A person who draws up full-size outlines from the drawing or plans for parts of a ship or aircraft.

    • ‘I have been a boatbuilder, loftsman, ship builder, ship designer and Cad Engineering manager for 34 years.’
    • ‘This led to the practice where the loftsman would create a new table of offsets based on their full-size templates.’
    • ‘The loftsman is provided with a table of offsets shown on the lines drawing.’
    • ‘To aid in the task, the loftsman would employ long, thin, flexible strips of wood, plastic, or metal, called splines.’
    • ‘This is an irrational fear, probably born from the mystique which the professional loftsman has been known to wrap around his craft to protect his position.’
    • ‘Draftsmen produced full-scale drawings for the loftsmen and pattern-makers.’
    • ‘The fairness of each line is ‘in the eye of the beholder’ and ultimately is in direct proportion to the skill of the loftsman and designer.’
    • ‘Learn the lost art of the mold loftsman.’
    • ‘Under Pinnacle's guidance and with their help, I recruited and developed my own team of loftsmen (who were also trained by Pinnacle on the job) and started to approach sales in my market.’
    • ‘Although he relies on his skills as a logger, sawyer, loftsman, shipwright, mechanic, plumber, electrician, spar maker, sail maker, and rigger, it is without question his skill as a mariner that makes his boats uniquely effective at what they do.’
    • ‘He was employed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a ship fitter and loftsman, retiring after 29 years of service.’
    • ‘On a huge floor at the top of a shipyard building, the lines of a ship were drawn out actual size by the loftsmen.’