Definition of loftiness in English:



  • See lofty

    • ‘Such childhood enthusiasm ensured that the novelist later on would have to be punished with our indulgent contempt, before we eventually realized that our loftiness was more contemptible than his confusions.’
    • ‘Always a promising singer, in the past he has seemed to hide something of his personality behind a certain emotional loftiness.’
    • ‘The problem here is that while the joke is very clever and to be lauded for its loftiness in ambition, it doesn't make you laugh.’
    • ‘Anyone who believes that the loftiness of art is above politics, war and religious differences doesn't understand that artists live in the real world and don't hide behind their creativity.’
    • ‘The loftiness, the breeze, the view, the sense of privileged isolation - I spent many hours up there, with friends or alone.’