Definition of loessic in English:



  • See loess

    • ‘The south-eastern slope bears heavy loessic soil, mixed with superficial pebbles and compact loam soil.’
    • ‘We have sampled loessic soils with a truck-mounted soil probe from more than 70 stable undisturbed upland positions from Nebraska to Illinois.’
    • ‘Selecting soils from stable upland positions that developed in loessic parent material allowed us to isolate modern climate as the main influence on soil properties.’
    • ‘It has a relatively large component of loess and contains ovoid inclusions of loessic silt which were deposited by solifluction.’
    • ‘If climate is the primary consideration the shingle soils, the loessic down-soils, the limestone upland-soils, and the alluvial flats in the neighbourhood of Timaru would all fall into the same group.’