Definition of lodging in English:



mass noun
  • 1Temporary accommodation.

    ‘a fee for board and lodging’
    • ‘Make reservations for overnight lodging, of course.’
    • ‘Their lawyers said the decision effectively charged them €87,000 each for prison board and lodging.’
    • ‘Board and lodging is part of the deal for live-in nannies.’
    • ‘Harvard offers generous aid and loans to cover its annual fees of around £17,000 plus board and lodging of £7,000, as do other top colleges.’
    • ‘You pay for administrative costs, for your board and lodging (absurdly cheap), and your air fare.’
    • ‘Overnight lodging in your car is still free.’
    • ‘San Francisco entices visitors with a surprising array of affordable quality lodging.’
    • ‘You have to pay me in advance for your board and lodging, plus your working clothes, plus I need a deposit for breakages.’
    • ‘Out of their meagre wage of £3 a week they had to buy their working clothes and their board and lodging in a hostel or with a family.’
    • ‘Hundreds of workers cannot afford to pay for board and lodging in Colombo, and are forced to sleep in hospital corridors.’
    • ‘Tara was my agent in Prague and her assignment had been to locate cheap lodging for my two days there.’
    • ‘Parents who look after students during holiday time and pay £50 on their board and lodging are also supplementing them by £1,300 a year’
    • ‘Most of the parents caught up with their children at various houses of detention and bought them out, squealing with indignation at being billed for their board and lodging while they had been in custody.’
    • ‘The ship was built to be temporary lodging, never for extended living.’
    • ‘According to a January 16 BBC report, the workers receive free board and lodging, and 20 US cents an hour in addition.’
    • ‘Both are being given full board and lodging at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and are guaranteed employment with the resort after completion of their subsidized training.’
    • ‘He earns £45 a week pocket money, but gets free board and lodging and a taste of Yorkshire family life, culture and language.’
    • ‘She was currently relying on the generosity of others to provide her lodging and sustenance.’
    • ‘In addition to cash, the specialists also received board and lodging, including heating and light, which ensured a perceptible increase in wages after 1770 when prices began to rise steeply.’
    • ‘He was kind, and offered her temporary lodging in his home until the storm cleared.’
    1. 1.1usually lodgingscount noun A room or rooms rented out to someone, usually in the same residence as the owner.
      ‘he was looking for lodgings and a job’
      • ‘The public funds the luxury lodgings of judges to the tune of £5.6 million a year.’
      • ‘I'll be moving to the area as soon as I can find lodgings.’
      • ‘The traders had come into the village early that morning requesting lodgings for the night.’
      • ‘Many of the tiny lodgings were built in the 1930s and have never been upgraded.’
      • ‘It was not the only small adventure concerning homes and lodgings.’
      • ‘The club's apprentices will now be placed with local families who will provide lodgings and assist with their personal development.’
      • ‘On the recommendation of the hotel owner, we made our way to other lodgings for the evening.’
      • ‘Most had stumbled drunkenly out into the streets or had retired to the guest lodgings upstairs.’
      • ‘Having established themselves in lodgings, they wasted no time in putting together a set of proposals.’
      • ‘The remainder are in supported lodgings, community homes or in residential care.’
      • ‘He has the shop and the lodgings above and makes a good living out of collecting rent payments - when his lodgers pay up on time.’
      • ‘He was an asylum seeker and his lodgings were provided by Safe Haven, a Sheffield-based housing organisation.’
      • ‘Terry pushed his regrets aside with a sigh and kept walking, hoping to find suitable lodgings for the night.’
      • ‘Cheap lodgings and a shift away from family entertainment have made the capital of glam a top business stop.’
      • ‘Each section of the country will provide an excellent scenic day trip and inexpensive lodgings can be found.’
      • ‘Both the New Town and the Old Town offer numerous lodgings in private houses and small family hotels.’
      • ‘They live in lodgings or tiny, comfortless flats, on a meagre allowance or none.’
      • ‘We were picked up at the airport by a friend of a friend of a B&B owner and whisked off to our first night's lodgings.’
      • ‘She finds a job and lodgings and slowly begins to build a life for herself in the adult world.’
      • ‘Superficially thick walls are honeycombed with passages and chambers serving individual suites and lodgings.’
      accommodation, rooms, chambers, living quarters, quarters, apartments
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