Definition of lode in English:



  • 1A vein of metal ore in the earth.

    ‘the tin oxide was very thinly scattered within the lode’
    • ‘This particular color has not been found in other lodes in Ontonagon County and distinguishes datolites from this locality.’
    • ‘Thin sandstone lenses, which showed bleaching and epidotization, were present within the lode.’
    • ‘All was in readiness to start the mining of the copper lode.’
    • ‘Copper also filled voids and occurred in thin fissure veins that cut the lodes.’
    • ‘Many miners named their lodes for places from which they had emigrated.’
    • ‘Because the lode proved to be barren, very little mining was done.’
    • ‘After two months of digging in the shimmering heat of nearby Lake Torrens, only two men remained at the mine, but no lode or vein had been located as yet.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the shaft two 700-foot crosscuts were driven in a northwest and southeast direction, but only spotty mineralization was encountered in the intersected amygdaloidal lodes.’
    • ‘In an effort to convert copper rock into quick cash, he tried to open-pit mine the lode to extract ore as fast as possible.’
    • ‘Other exhibits focus on placer and lode deposits, major gold rushes, and uses of gold through the centuries.’
    • ‘Though not especially high or otherwise conspicuous, it held within its conical flanks a silver lode of extraordinary size and purity.’
    • ‘Porcelaneous datolite occurred in the amygdaloidal lodes as veins, vesicle filling, and nodules.’
    • ‘The rock layers surrounding coal lodes were penetrated and separated by drillers and explosives.’
    • ‘Mineralogically, the conglomerate lodes have produced many superb specimens, although they contain fewer mineral species than the fissure veins and amygdaloidal lodes.’
    • ‘Copper crystals from the conglomerate lode are rare and commonly exhibit the tetrahexahedral form.’
    • ‘With some luck, mineralized chunks of the conglomerate lode can still be located in the dumps with the aid of a metal detector.’
    • ‘The lode proved to be spotty, showing just marginal copper mineralization.’
    • ‘Two mining companies attempted to exploit the copper lodes at different times, and both ventures ended in failure.’
    • ‘The Butler, Evergreen, and Knowlton lodes were explored and mined to some extent.’
    • ‘The various datolite-bearing lodes are described stratigraphically from the uppermost to the lowermost lode in the series.’
    layer, seam, stratum, stratification, bed, deposit, accumulation
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    1. 1.1 A rich source of something.
      ‘a rich lode of scandal and alleged crime’
      • ‘While the recollections of participants are a lode of information, without corroborating sources, many interviews turn into self-serving pieces.’
      • ‘His research is such a rich lode that I intend to return to ancient Indian science in a future column.’
      • ‘Soil and sea yield unknown lodes of useful microbes’
      • ‘He draws sensitively and suggestively upon the work of Dante, Faulkner, and Flannery O'Connor, mining their theological lode.’
      • ‘Marketing samples, for example, can be rich lodes of new failure types because these units are often the first to leave the engineering lab.’


Old English lād ‘way, course’, variant of load. The term denoted a watercourse in late Middle English and a lodestone in the early 16th century The current sense dates from the early 17th century.