Definition of locular in English:



  • See locule

    • ‘In orchids with pollinia, on the other hand, there is almost no locular fluid so this process is negligible or absent, and onset of anthesis is indicated by opening of the flower and stomium.’
    • ‘Morphological phenotypes observed in the antisense lines included increased fruit cracking, reduced locular space, and a doubling in the thickness of the fruit cuticle.’
    • ‘All fruits were punctured four times around the equitorial region, avoiding any locular ridges.’
    • ‘Those fruit picked at the Green stage were mature green as judged by size and the amount of locular material around the seeds, and those fruit picked at the Red stage were not over-ripe as defined by softness.’
    • ‘Figure 4 shows the structure of a grape berry about 28 d after full bloom, showing the pericarp, with its associated vasculature and the developing seeds within the locular cavity.’