Definition of locker room in English:

locker room


North American
  • 1A room containing lockers, especially a sports changing room.

    • ‘His voice, opinion and fire for the game carry a lot of weight in the locker room and on the field.’
    • ‘He was there at the top of the tunnel as I was coming back to the locker room after stretching.’
    • ‘Both locker rooms also have a separate Executive Locker area with extra large lockers.’
    • ‘He has been a stabilizing force in the locker room since being acquired as a free agent.’
    • ‘Schools built before the 1970s had the requisite locker rooms for the mandated physical education classes for students of both sexes.’
    • ‘Cameras will take the fans into the huddle and the locker room and up and down the sidelines.’
    • ‘He also is a strong influence in the locker room and an excellent student of the game.’
    • ‘He is a quiet man by nature, the last player one would expect to run off his mouth in the locker room.’
    • ‘He wants to make sure he has a locker room full of players who believe the Cardinals can win.’
    • ‘Descending into sweaty locker rooms to question naked or skimpily clad, and frequently hostile, members of an athletic team is one of the least attractive duties of a sports reporter.’
    • ‘A win would bring verve to a locker room in need of such a catalyst, an emotional jolt.’
    • ‘All locker rooms can easily be converted to dressing rooms for stage and arena shows.’
    • ‘Please leave used towels in bins in the locker rooms and hallways after use.’
    • ‘Six additional locker rooms have been created for hockey and skating.’
    • ‘Any player who removes the uniform or shoes should leave the bench and go to the locker room.’
    • ‘Last season he didn't feel he could walk right into the locker room and be a leader.’
    • ‘He's a calm presence in the locker room and leads by example with high effort on the field.’
    • ‘I was immediately scared and just wanted to get off the ice and into the locker room.’
    • ‘After the altercation, Phil sent word to the locker room for Rick to go home and cool off.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, there's the question of whether the jock look works outside an American locker room.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Characteristic of or suited to a men's locker room, especially in being coarse or ribald.
      ‘locker-room humour’
      • ‘Why can't a boy tug at America's heartstrings without facing petty locker-room humiliation from the viewing public?’
      • ‘It reflects the kind of locker-room antics that his white, male, suburban audience is well acquainted with.’
      • ‘Nearby, science fair-style exhibits tackle the delicate subject of anatomy with raunchy male locker-room touches.’
      • ‘It was just early morning locker-room banter after a tennis game.’
      • ‘And the conventional wisdom that men regularly lie about their sexual experience is so commonly held that it has a noun of its own, locker-room talk.’
      • ‘His carefully cultivated 48-hour stubble never lapses into beard-dom and, locker-room bragging aside, he never lays himself bare.’
      • ‘We dehumanize women with our jokes and locker-room lies.’
      • ‘Haven't you seen that kind of locker-room talk bolster morale?’
      • ‘I think columnists are doing a great disservice to the Mepham community and their readers at large by making this a locker-room mentality issue.’
      • ‘It is a laddish, locker-room badinage that I remember with indulgent nostalgia from my days playing college rugby; we, too, thought we were a great team but I'm not sure that the future of the country ought to have been entrusted to us.’
      • ‘In this locker-room environment, he's the likable team captain.’
      rude, indecent, indelicate, offensive, distasteful, obnoxious, risqué, suggestive, racy, earthy, off colour, colourful, coarse, crude, ribald, rabelaisian, bawdy, obscene, lewd, salacious, licentious, vile, depraved, sordid, smutty, dirty, filthy, pornographic, x-rated, scatological
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