Definition of lock someone out in English:

lock someone out

phrasal verb

  • 1Keep someone out of a room or building by locking the door.

    ‘she had locked him out of his own house’
    • ‘At that moment I had thoughts of telling her it was in Sam and Ashley's room and locking her out.’
    • ‘She responded by inviting him to her room and locked him out in the corridor.’
    • ‘But he had to stop as she entered her room and locked him out.’
    • ‘She was already in the car, slamming the door, trying to lock him out.’
    • ‘So if he locks us out at the front door we can still get in, now go.’
    • ‘And the point is, I'm staring at the door because I am locked out.’
    • ‘I've learned, too, that when I lock Thena out, she spends time sticking her legs under the door, which makes really annoying noises… damn cats.’
    • ‘The waiter stepped inside and bolted the door, locking us out.’
    • ‘‘And you can prevent it by simply turning the key in the door and locking them out,’ he said.’
    • ‘For a second, I contemplated messing it up, but thought better since he could easily get to my room and lock me out.’
  • 2(of an employer) subject employees to a lockout.

    ‘coal miners had been locked out by the mine owners’
    • ‘Bus drivers employed by National Bus in Melbourne were locked out on April 7.’
    • ‘Those to be re-hired were told they would be locked out if they did not sign individual employment contracts.’
    • ‘Workers employed by leading coating paint manufacturer Mirotone were locked out on February 22.’
    • ‘An employer has to pay his employees wages during a strike and cannot lock them out.’
    • ‘But their employer locked them out last year, and they have been campaigning for their jobs ever since.’
    • ‘The strikers occupied factories to prevent employers from locking them out, and these sit-ins became festivals, intended both to reclaim workplaces for the workers and to spread the protests.’
    • ‘Eighty workers employed by Brighton Cement Company in Birkenhead near Adelaide were locked out on Monday when they attempted to return to work after a three-week strike over a new enterprise agreement.’
    • ‘A number of SIPTU workers at the plant claimed that since March 5 they have been locked out by management because they have refused to undertake new working arrangements, which they said were foisted upon them without consultation.’
    • ‘About 350 workers employed by the Québec bookstore chain Renaud-Bray were locked out on November 21.’
    • ‘Around 600 workers employed at Bendix automotive brake manufacturers in Ballarat were locked out on June 24, after placing work bans for new enterprise agreement.’