Definition of locator in English:



  • A device or system for locating something, typically by means of radio signals.

    ‘automatic vehicle locator’
    as modifier ‘a locator beacon’
    • ‘Is that because it would have revealed a tap on his phone, a tap on his cell phone and the GPS locator?’
    • ‘Before this, the best systems could only identify static locators that had to be tediously placed in caves.’
    • ‘Upon invoking the locator, the targeted device is then specified by the user with an IP address, a host name, or with some other suitable identifier.’
    • ‘Both provide audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator's tip is held directly over the target.’
    • ‘By setting a switch, an operator can use these locators to detect both passive and active signals.’
    • ‘WiFi signal locators are the tech-head must-have of the year.’
    • ‘Obviously ski gizmos such as walkie-talkies, radio locators and GPS thingies - I can almost hear the older brother (bless him) groan - will be rendered useless.’
    • ‘The foldable card guides incorporate spring-loaded bullet pins and radial locators at the points where they are pivotally attached to the connector housing, thereby allowing them to be locked in either an open or closed position.’
    • ‘Mobile phone locations are cheap and easy to track and locators, which enable you to see where the mobile is over the internet, are mostly sold as child protectors (order mobile tracking here).’
    • ‘The number of locators available at any time is quite large, but each locator consumes various computer resources which may be limited, so it is important to ensure that locators are annulled once they have been finished with, i.e. when access to the associated data object is no longer required.’
    • ‘Soon there will be navigational instruments such as position locators as part of the dive computer.’
    • ‘If you've been thinking about getting this unit, remember the stores close Friday, so dump your zip into their locator and get to a store quick!’
    • ‘Laser triangulation systems with stripe or spot locators have found applications in the industrial environment.’
    • ‘Users will be able to hook up the e550 to a wider range of third-party gizmos that include Bluetooth wireless transceivers, GPS locators and digital cameras.’
    • ‘GPS radio locators and Internet software have done away with any need to fly around wearing headphones.’
    • ‘And when everyone is carrying locators around with them, we can all begin to hang messages in mid-air.’
    • ‘Use the store locator below to find other retailers in your area.’
    • ‘Now unlock the locator via Internet or phone so your child can remove it.’
    • ‘A lost item finding system including at least two nearly identical locators.’
    • ‘I once again activated the locator and detected the traveling group of comrades.’