Definition of locatable in English:



  • See locate

    • ‘He started hearing to the side of what she was saying, and as if behind it, but in an expanse without depth, with no top or bottom, yet which was materially locatable, another utterance with which hers had almost nothing in common.’
    • ‘What shapes people today, what makes them behave as they do, how they behave is a mishmash, an amalgamation of the huge collection of exploded fragments of cultural entities which are not clearly geographically locatable.’
    • ‘Politics is from the polis - true politics must be locatable and must begin locally.’
    • ‘Cell phones already gather some positioning information, and by the end of 2005 all new cell phones in the US will be locatable to within 500 feet or so.’
    • ‘A given film adheres to enough conventions to make you feel comfortable, to make itself easily locatable when your mood dictates the search through movie listings.’