Definition of localize in English:


(also localise)


[WITH OBJECT]often as adjective localized
  • 1Restrict (something) to a particular place.

    ‘symptoms include localized pain and numbness’
    • ‘These will ideally include a means to localize the abnormal glands preoperatively as well as to determine if the resection is complete prior to closure of the surgical incision.’
    • ‘Persistent pain and localized tenderness is a key feature.’
    • ‘Since the advent of antibiotics, however, most infections associated with cerebral abscesses are localized to the lungs and endocardium.’
    • ‘Many patients are diagnosed incidentally in the asymptomatic phase by plain radiographs that show localized enlargement of bone.’
    • ‘Treatment with this drug should not be initiated in patients with active infections including chronic or localized infections.’
    • ‘If you have a very localized cancer and you are using statistics that include many people with a more widespread cancer, then that data may not apply to you.’
    • ‘The pain elicited on palpation of a tender point is localized to the area under palpation and does not elicit a jump or twitch.’
    • ‘Electromyography, conducted three to four weeks after the onset of symptoms, can localize the lesion and help confirm the diagnosis.’
    • ‘Even in patients with more localized disease, systemic chemotherapy plays the central role in the treatment.’
    • ‘However, in 2 cases, although edema was present, there was no evidence of a clearly localized cutaneous lesion.’
    • ‘The image-guided biopsy uses either ultrasound or mammography to stereotactically localize the suspicious lesion.’
    • ‘Examples of this include insidious onset or poorly localized injuries, or both.’
    • ‘Fever may be a marker of sepsis, localized infection, occult bacteremia, or benign illness.’
    • ‘The disease is characterized by single or multiple localized lesions on exposed areas of skin that typically ulcerate.’
    • ‘Additional treatment included localized radiation therapy to the operative site, without systemic chemotherapy.’
    • ‘All 50 real lesions were successfully localized in three dimensions using this technique.’
    • ‘This suggests that immediate bronchial response to cat allergen is localized in the large airways.’
    • ‘A frequent dilemma is a limping child with no constitutional symptoms and no localized abnormalities by history or physical examination.’
    • ‘In elderly patients, localized tenderness may be the only presenting sign; pain and fever may be absent.’
    • ‘TPE will allow photodynamic therapy with highly localized light dosage.’
    limit, restrict, confine, contain, restrain, constrain, circumscribe, concentrate, delimit, delimitate
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    1. 1.1 Make (something) local in character.
      ‘there'd now be a more localized news service’
      • ‘The Carlow branch of Down Syndrome Ireland has recently been reactivated after being dormant for many years and will be providing localised services for people with this learning disability and their families.’
      • ‘‘Such a loss of localised services must be opposed because people currently served by those hospitals to be downgraded will obviously suffer,’ he said.’
      • ‘The centre is striving to localize its Internet services, including providing software, integrated systems and engineering support to local ISP and ICP providers, the two companies' sources said.’
      • ‘They would embark on a new initiative to further develop localised bus services, particularly in rural areas.’
      • ‘John further suggests that we begin with the localized and sedimented character of the beauty business in India.’
      • ‘As stated above, it is expected that both service firms and those targeting consumers are more likely to localize their Web sites.’
      • ‘Now farmers in Sligo who want to be sure if the weather is going to be right for silage or hay or spraying can avail of a new localized weather service.’
      • ‘More responsive, localized news formats have been attempted, with mixed success.’
      • ‘Do the powers at be at the Pentagon truly believe that the best way to get your message out to the world is to dress it up in localized faux news portals?’
      • ‘This (sorting office) gives us a very localised and very good service. This scheme would be another example of the customer losing out.’
      • ‘In the latter two cases, the settings are highly localized and parochial.’
      • ‘How can minimally-staffed news websites best cover and localize the war?’
      • ‘It's very regional and very localized while always having a national appeal.’
      • ‘Following the success of the Coleraine Milk Cup broadband experiment earlier this year, more localised news services could be developed in areas including Mid-Ulster and in the South and West.’
      • ‘If you scrapped the public service broadcaster, you might find someone to take the transmitters, and provide localised services that cater to rural and urban needs.’
      • ‘Activity will focus on the distribution of materials, media promotions, instore tastings and localised events, which will be announced over the coming weeks.’
      • ‘Meridian Broadcasting - owned by Granada - says viewers should have a better localised news service once the dust has settled.’
      • ‘Click on a region for a more localized map, then inquire about availability.’
      • ‘Services should be localised, power should be redistributed, both from the federal centre and from the states.’
      • ‘Millingport's personalized home page functions as a resource for the customer with localized news, weather and stock information.’
    2. 1.2 Assign (something) to a particular place.
      ‘most vertebrates localize sounds by orienting movements’
      • ‘Once the regional campaign localizes the threat to a particular state, we will help ensure the state has the military, law enforcement, political, and financial tools necessary to finish the task.’
      • ‘This in turn suggests that sounds and lights are localized with respect to the body, rather than to the head or eyes.’
      • ‘In addition, PCR can detect small deletions and can specifically localize the regions contained in the deletion.’
      • ‘In Call of Duty, which supports EAX, we found that 7.1 did make an appreciable difference in localizing sounds to the sides and back.’
      • ‘Why it is so important to localise and identify a given sound can be illustrated by a simple anecdote.’
      • ‘More recently, however, several cloned chromosome 4 genes have been localized using in situ hybridization.’
      • ‘It wasn't just an impersonal sound or a localized light.’
      • ‘Cutaneous receptors in human skin are capable of localizing sound sources approaching that of the auditory sense.’