Definition of locale in English:



  • A place where something happens or is set, or that has particular events associated with it.

    ‘her summers were spent in a variety of exotic locales’
    • ‘Now I wonder if any readers know of any sexy streetlights in their own locale?’
    • ‘More and more people are discovering that property caretaking can enable them to live in a variety of locales.’
    • ‘If no family land or cottage is available, you may need to use a bit of creativity to find a locale for your camp.’
    • ‘Or it might be trips or conferences in exotic locales, often with a heavy emphasis on play rather than work.’
    • ‘Although, his descriptions of individuals and exotic locales would seem effective as monologues as well.’
    • ‘Between locales and places there is a third type of physical space, hybrid space.’
    • ‘It's a story that has been repeated in lakeside and oceanfront locales all around the country.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, many of the visitors to Jasper and Banff National Park accessed the famed locales free of charge.’
    • ‘He hopes that adding a live music element to the locale will give his venue both novelty and staying power.’
    • ‘They're planning the conference in a picturesque locale: University of Victoria.’
    • ‘The locale is timeless, exotic and mysterious, and the light moody and evocative.’
    • ‘What you should expect is a variety of quality based on the locale of the scene.’
    • ‘The Niger Delta region and culture area is a prime locale for engaging the above questions.’
    • ‘But then it turns out that these locales are also dumping zones - oh, the humiliation!’
    • ‘Larry took a new job earlier this year, and he told me he'd soon be traveling to exotic locales, much as I've been doing the past several months.’
    • ‘The rich and the famous celebrate their birthdays at exotic locales.’
    • ‘Posh residential complexes make the area a prestigious locale, an address one would be proud to possess.’
    • ‘The six training missions take place in a variety of locales including a hospital, a trailer park and a junkyard.’
    • ‘However, these groups generally have to draw on interested persons in your locale or city.’
    • ‘All the winners got free tickets sponsored by different airlines to exotic locales and loads of prizes.’
    place, site, spot, area
    position, location, setting, scene, venue, milieu, background, backdrop
    neighbourhood, district, region, environs, locality, environment, territory
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Late 18th century: from French local (noun), respelled to indicate stress on the final syllable; compare with morale.