Definition of local option in English:

local option


  • A choice available to a local administration to accept or reject national legislation (e.g. concerning the sale of alcoholic drink).

    • ‘While such programs are growing, they are local options and are far from widespread.’
    • ‘It sought a reduction in the hours of trading, Sunday closing, the abolition of barmaids, and the limiting of licensed houses through local option.’
    • ‘The chief support of the temperance movement was the dissenting bodies, who carried it as an issue into the Liberal Party, which adopted local option on the sale of drink as part of its Newcastle Programme in 1891.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, the tangle of federal and state provisions in incoherent plans for environmental protection complicated local options.’
    • ‘A county board of supervisors had the local option to pass an ordinance requiring owners to keep their animals on their own land.’
    • ‘All six states permit their adoption by local option; Tasmania is the only one in which no jurisdiction has availed itself of this choice, although strong efforts have been made there to promote it.’
    • ‘Well, I agree with the concern, and support their demand that it keep its hands off what has up to now been a matter of local option.’
    • ‘Proponents argued that no presbytery would be forced to ordain gays, that it was a local option.’
    • ‘Hough countered that ‘the majority of catholic Christendom’ continues to maintain a male-only priesthood; therefore it is the Episcopal Church that ‘is practicing local option.’’
    • ‘Functionally, it seems to advocate a local option for synods and bishops - one possibility I was hoping for.’
    • ‘Since local control of government schools is very much worth defending, this becomes a matter of local option.’
    • ‘Yet in the Middle Ages such a centralizing development was an innovation, and the earlier patristic tradition saw a much greater degree of flexibility and local option.’