Definition of local in English:



  • 1Relating or restricted to a particular area or one's neighbourhood.

    ‘researching local history’
    ‘the local post office’
    • ‘Many residents had lived in the surrounding streets before moving into the home which was highly regarded in the local area.’
    • ‘We'll be forced then to re-evaluate our food systems and place more emphasis on energy efficient agricultural methods, like smaller-scale organic agriculture, and on local production wherever possible.’
    • ‘The LA website supports the work of local authorities in driving through the education and children's services reform agenda.’
    • ‘Take a look at some of the local areas where we polled strongly.’
    • ‘He will then visit the local schools in the area before making his way to Athy.’
    • ‘In particular, the spread of housing in rural areas should be severely restricted to local need.’
    • ‘The company has produced greetings cards which include recipes made from food produced in the local area.’
    • ‘This will take place at local neighbourhood level and through area or township committees.’
    • ‘The Park and Ride would also serve the new centre, attracting people from a wider area and boosting the local economy.’
    • ‘Also, the council are looking at changing the signing for towns in the borough to improve local identity in the area.’
    • ‘And in no way feel constrained if interest or circumstances confine your study to your local area.’
    • ‘The camp is open for all clubs in the area and hopefully the local club rivalry will be put aside for one week during the camp!’
    • ‘To that end, he has already visited the area to test local reaction.’
    • ‘The climb is also interspersed by information from the guide on the history of the bridge, the city and the local area.’
    • ‘Pupils at a Bolton school are set to embark on a fascinating journey of discovery into the history of their local area.’
    • ‘This ensures they get to where they need to be as quickly as possible, thanks to the police's local knowledge of the area.’
    • ‘He said the sub committee would be comprised of local people who knew the local history and area.’
    • ‘One of the major factors in determining the price petrol is sold at in an area is the local competition.’
    • ‘It is hoped that next year we will do a full breakdown on the history of many local organisations in the area.’
    • ‘The class ask her to fill in the gaps in the local history of the area, which is not always in the history books.’
    community, district, neighbourhood, regional, city, town, municipal, provincial, village, parish, parish-pump, parochial
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    1. 1.1 Denoting a telephone call made to a nearby place and charged at a relatively low rate.
      • ‘At the same time, it is moving to expand its local phone service in existing markets.’
      • ‘The boxes allow Internet access through a television and telephone line, at local call rate.’
      • ‘How can I log on to local internet providers and pay only local phone charges when I am abroad?’
      • ‘It can help if you can find a local phone number for the baggage claim at the airport you flew into.’
    2. 1.2 Denoting a train or bus serving a particular district, with frequent stops.
      ‘the village has an excellent local bus service’
      • ‘A journey with many stops, this is living life local train style, in less than ten seconds.’
      • ‘Possibly the local train may have observed something which may throw some light upon the matter.’
      • ‘We travelled to Goregaon in a local train and took a rick back to suku's place.’
      • ‘Just try and recall the poor people you have seen on the streets, in local trains, and in slums.’
      • ‘One of these boys who use the local train for their nefarious activities become the victim of a braggart.’
      • ‘You can get a glimpse of this by the way that commuters hanging from the local train will pull in a man running late.’
      • ‘Domestic services in Kent will also benefit from the link with local trains using part of it from 2007.’
  • 2(in technical use) relating to a particular region or part, or to each of any number of these.

    ‘a local infection’
    ‘migration can regulate the local density of animals’
    • ‘However, as it only appeared in the left foot, it was probably just a local infection which may have caused the man to limp.’
    confined, restricted, contained, limited, localized
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    1. 2.1Computing Denoting a variable or other entity that is only available for use in one part of a program.
      • ‘It looks for local keys, not over the Internet, and that's very much the point.’
    2. 2.2Computing Denoting a device that can be accessed without the use of a network.
      Compare with remote
      • ‘The files are on your local computer, and you need to upload them to the Web server.’
      • ‘This is not a critical risk, as only people on the local machine may logon to this account with a blank password.’
      • ‘BT could be ready to cut charges that give rival operators access to its local network.’
      • ‘Each group of cameras feeds into a local computer as well as transmitting its pictures to the monitoring station.’
      • ‘Set up a node on your local machine and use some test files to insert and request.’


  • 1An inhabitant of a particular area or neighbourhood.

    ‘the street was full of locals and tourists’
    • ‘Coming from a holiday area I know locals get fed up with tourists and by mid to late season begin to give up.’
    • ‘Experts advise sticking to areas where locals also buy property.’
    • ‘He described how she obtained the methamphetamines from the north and he sold the drugs to foreign tourists while she contacted locals in the area.’
    • ‘Every evening the road was full of locals and tourists strolling along, enjoying the atmosphere and the shops which shut during the afternoon but stay open late in the evening.’
    • ‘In this article we feature just one of these areas where locals are beavering away with the intention of making the place where they live a much more attractive place to live in.’
    • ‘That area, which includes the Cowgate, is very popular among drinkers and clubbers on a Saturday night, and it is also a residential area for locals and students.’
    • ‘Last time I was down in that area the locals told me to be careful where I walked near the caves just in case I fell down a hole and be lost forever.’
    • ‘After talking to some of the locals in the area and comparing notes and sob stories, the verdict is that power supplies have taken a serious reliability downward dive.’
    • ‘In many residential areas of Baghdad yesterday locals had set up private roadblocks, fearful that an outbreak of major violence today could trigger looting.’
    • ‘Other than supplementing people's diet, the industry would create employment opportunities for the locals as the area already has a ready market for the fish.’
    • ‘The long-term vision for Waterford's south quays is that they will have fewer car parks and will be more of an amenity area for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the River Suir.’
    • ‘While the sun was conspicuous by its absence the weather was still pleasant and tourists as well as locals took full advantage of it.’
    • ‘Many artists choose to live in this portion of town because other artists are already established here and tourists and locals flock to the area to shop.’
    • ‘Collected by the author himself from the stories passed down by word of mouth from the locals living in the areas where the burnings occurred.’
    • ‘This area is where the locals party on holidays.’
    • ‘The forestry here, at the back of the swimming pool, will be cleared of soft woods leaving the native hard woods in place and will provide an amenity area for visitors and locals.’
    • ‘The city's 130,000 inhabitants chat languidly in doorways, grinning at locals and passing tourists.’
    • ‘Visitors to the area and locals alike on that day were not treated very respectfully and who knows how it will effect visitors repeating visits to the area in the future.’
    • ‘We do detect some sort of orchestrated opposition by incomers to the area, but locals don't seem to be bothered.’
    • ‘It's average fare in an above average setting where you'll find a mix of tourists, locals and visitors from all over the Bay area enjoying some food.’
    local person, native, inhabitant, resident, parishioner, citizen
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    1. 1.1British informal A pub convenient to a person's home.
      ‘a pint in the local’
      • ‘Many drinkers are as likely to order an elderflower cordial as a pint of beer down at the local.’
      • ‘We don't care if you're the type of guy we could have a pint with down the local.’
      • ‘And yours truly will either be celebrating like mad or crying into my pint down the local.’
      • ‘Pop down to the local for a pint and a sandwich and it means you're meeting somebody you actually like and the business can go hang.’
      pub, public house, bar, inn, tavern, hostelry, saloon, wine bar
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    2. 1.2 A local train or bus service.
      ‘catch the local into New Delhi’
      • ‘Everyone going to intermediate stops had to get off there and switch to the next local.’
    3. 1.3North American A local branch of an organization, especially a trade union.
      • ‘Such practices prevail, not only in many union locals, but in virtually all international unions.’
      • ‘On December 17 the last of six union locals ratified an agreement sanctioning huge wage and job cuts.’
      • ‘Referrals may include human resources departments, union locals, government departments, or legal services.’
      • ‘The trade union local argues that the interests of the staff are prejudiced in this way.’
      • ‘It boasts two radio stations, a housing corporation, a law office, and affiliate relationships with a host of trade-union locals.’
      • ‘After the election, Merkel could start to encourage more union locals to negotiate more flexible arrangements with their bosses.’
    4. 1.4Stock Market informal A floor trader who trades on their own account, rather than on behalf of other investors.
      • ‘The opening of B share trading to locals in February freed $75 billion for stock investment and sent prices surging.’


Late Middle English: from late Latin localis, from Latin locus ‘place’.