Definition of lobworm in English:



  • A large earthworm used as fishing bait.

    • ‘Most anglers had to rely on lobworm to tempt fish on a river a yard above normal level and still rising.’
    • ‘Gerry Eastwood led with a single bream of 5lb 8oz taken from the willow garth at Hunters Lodge on legered lobworm.’
    • ‘That bait is either a very smelly one, such as flavoured luncheon meat or designer paste, or a large lobworm.’
    • ‘The unconventional approach paid off for Keith Lamb, who legered lobworm to the far bank next to Beavers Bridge where he found a shoal of perch in residence.’
    • ‘If there are big chub in the pit I often take a set-up rod with me and have a cast or two with a freelined lobworm or corn over last night's groundbait.’
    • ‘Alistair Wilks had the match sewn up in the opening minutes when he cast a lobworm into peg 26 below the wood.’
    • ‘Barbel can still be caught, however, and a big, smelly bait like flavoured luncheon meat or a big lobworm usually does the trick.’
    • ‘A hook size of about number 6 is good for large lobworms and small deadbaits, such as gudgeon, minnow and small roach, which should be lip-hooked.’
    • ‘A natural bait such as a lobworm or slug is a good bet or perhaps a large piece of breadflake.’
    • ‘Drawn at Linton on peg 267 he offered lobworm for the 6lb slab and added a couple of eels and roach that boosted his catch to 8lb 1oz.’
    • ‘At that time I was doing fairly well on the traditional baits, meat, cheese and lobworms, fished over beds of hemp, or breadcrumb.’
    • ‘This is fine for larger baits, but for lobworms at range and small pieces of bread, a tub of floating and sinking putty are very handy, although normally as a last resort.’
    • ‘The baits used are lobworms, cheese paste, meat paste, bread flake and crust.’
    • ‘A big bait is needed again, meat, corn, cockle, big lobworm etc.’
    • ‘For instance, stretches of river where the popular approach is to stalk fish with big naturals such as slugs and lobworms, often finds chub spooking should such morsels be dropped into the vicinity of the fish.’
    • ‘I always take a variety of bait with me and will never go tenching without lobworms, casters, red maggots, white maggots, bread, mini-boilies, and luncheon meat.’
    • ‘I held the line between my fingers and could easily feel the fish mouthing the bait, a golf-ball size bunch of lobworms.’
    • ‘Try legering lobworm close to near and far bank cover.’
    • ‘With the true lobworm becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of, my normal choice these days are large dendrobenas.’
    • ‘I fished on for some thirty minutes without a bite then changed over to lobworm, still no success.’


Mid 17th century: from lob in the obsolete sense ‘pendulous object’.