Definition of lobotomize in English:


(also lobotomise)


[with object]Surgery
  • 1Perform a lobotomy on.

    ‘her brother had developed a schizophrenic illness and had been lobotomized’
    • ‘But Rosemary, when she was younger, was lobotomized.’
    • ‘There is no known documentation that Farmer was ever lobotomized; and indeed, this gruesome tale may distract attention from the legitimate horrors she and other patients were subjected to, including the denial of civil rights.’
    • ‘After eight years she was scheduled to be lobotomised and her mother was persuaded to sign the relevant documents.’
    • ‘He is taken away, and when he returns, he has been lobotomized.’
    • ‘The character has been lobotomised and spends almost the entire play standing against the wall with arms raised as though nailed to a crucifix.’
    1. 1.1informal Make (someone) less able to function mentally or emotionally.
      ‘couples we knew who had been lobotomized by the birth of their children’
      • ‘And then the writers seemed to want to lobotomize Justin into a kid who sank to his knees every time Brian got within 50 feet of him.’
      • ‘Ask any Australian who hasn't had their conscience lobotomized by the Right Wing Death Beasts.’
      • ‘If teachers didn't resist each new fad, they'd be lobotomized.’