Definition of lobopod in English:



  • 1The lobopodium of an onychophoran.

    • ‘For example, they have between 14-43 pairs of ‘legs’ known as lobopods, much like the false legs of a caterpillar.’
    • ‘For an initial evaluation of the genetic diversity of this species, DNA samples from the lobopods of four individuals, collected at random, were analyzed using RAPD.’
    1. 1.1 An onychophoran.
      as modifier ‘a lobopod animal’
      • ‘Cambropodus gracilis is tentatively included between lobopods and higher Uniramia.’
      • ‘By the same reasoning, putative lobopods in the Sirius Passet biota and putative deuterostomes in the Chengiang biota are better interpreted as arthropods.’
      • ‘There were several different lineages of lobopods and proto-arthropods, including large carnivorous swimming forms like Anomalocaris and Kerygmachela, as well as smaller crawling types.’
      • ‘Onychophora, also known as velvet worms or lobopods, are considered segmented and close relatives of the Arthropoda.’
      • ‘The living lobopods include the land-dwelling Peripatus, which has legs and a number of characteristics reminiscent of arthropods.’