Definition of lobate in English:



  • Having a lobe or lobes.

    ‘lobate oak leaves’
    • ‘The dynamic and unstable nature of this regulatory loop best explains the lobate and asymmetric colony margin of the SA type.’
    • ‘At the distal end, the axis is turned upward and lobate and is divided into five lobes.’
    • ‘The median lobate structure, formed by fusion of the two median muscle boundaries of the true lobes, may be extended away from the two lateral lobate structures (which are the lateral muscle boundaries of the true lobes).’
    • ‘Among armadillos, some groups reduced their dentition in response to myrmecophagy and some acquired lobate teeth and accentuated differences in hardness of dentine types.’
    • ‘The structure is radial and lobate with a series of narrow and wide lobes.’