Definition of loanable in English:



  • See loan

    • ‘Professor Robertson implies… that the loanable funds theory has a close connection with the ‘real forces’ of ‘productivity and thrift’ which is absent in the Keynesian theory.’
    • ‘With a sophisticated financial structure providing financial assets… control over money alone is a decreasingly efficient means of regulating flows of loanable funds and spending on goods and services.’
    • ‘Mainstream economists have long argued that persistent deficit spending crowds private investors out of capital and loanable funds markets, thus raising interest rates and lowering long-term economic growth.’
    • ‘And, importantly, no longer are market rates determined through the interaction of the demand for borrowings with a limited supply of loanable funds.’
    • ‘The conventional wisdom among economists is that prolonged deficits will raise interest rates as borrowers are crowded out of credit and loanable funds markets, thus negatively affecting long-term economic growth.’