Definition of loan facility in English:

loan facility


  • A credit arrangement through which a person or organization can borrow money up to an agreed sum.

    ‘it is not the practice of this bank to grant loan facilities’
    • ‘Even where such loan facilities were to be available, the cost of borrowing is so exorbitant that most small-scale operators cannot afford it.’
    • ‘A credit union set up later to provide savings and loan facilities became a separate legal entity.’
    • ‘The extra service expected would lead to lengthening delays for smaller schemes, often funded by a loan facility.’
    • ‘It was agreed that he would charge the property to enable a £50,000 loan facility to be made available to his nephew.’
    • ‘The bank would not say whether it would have to extend the loan facility again until the new finances are properly in place.’
    • ‘You'll have to take out a loan facility in order to finance your purchase.’
    • ‘He said the bank was also offering an attractive loan facility, which he said was on high demand.’
    • ‘We know from bitter experience how difficult it is for some people to access loan facilities to enable them to give substance to their entrepreneurial talents.’
    • ‘The company will secure additional funds from a loan facility that will be used to refinance approximately $14.4 million in secured debt.’
    • ‘It is necessary to negotiate a soft loan facility to sustain capital programmes.’