Definition of loaf tin in English:

loaf tin


  • A long, deep dish for baking bread, cake, etc.

    ‘pour the mixture into the lined loaf tin’
    • ‘I've made it once before, and it was lovely, although the mixture was far too huge for the size of loaf tin she suggests.’
    • ‘Grease and flour a deep loaf tin, around 12x19 cm.’
    • ‘I have a ruined loaf tin with a chocolate cake in it.’
    • ‘Let it stand on the stove top till the dough is peeking over the edge of the loaf tin, then throw into the moderate oven for 30–40 mins.’
    • ‘I was already at the kneading stage when I realised what I needed most was a loaf tin.’
    • ‘This mix will also do 3 x 500g loaf tins.’
    • ‘You will need a cake tin, or a loaf tin.’
    • ‘The cupboards are crammed with loaf tins, pie tins, muffin trays, pancake griddles, and cookie presses.’
    • ‘The loaf tins were placed on large metal racks that were fitted with wheels that ran along a track into the ovens.’
    • ‘I did some careful holding of the loaf tin beside the pan overflowing with vegetables.’