Definition of loadsa in English:



  • Loads of (in the sense ‘lots’ representing non-standard use)

    ‘Bond gets to shoot loadsa bad guys’
    • ‘Next came the main course, ham salad - the faintest hint of ham and loadsa lettuce.’
    • ‘There's loadsa claret, and it mashes the face up something shocking, but the brain gets jarred around less, so you are less likely to end up a cabbage.’
    • ‘It includes a tight section of passage, masses of mud, a mini-wallows, and loadsa crawling.’
    • ‘Only problem is working out how to keep those damn horns in my hair… loadsa clips methinks.’
    • ‘So avoid fit young divers with big knives, exotic T-shirts, loadsa toys and a compulsion to brag about depth, select a partner with air consumption which matches your idea of a good time and never, ever buddy with a photographer.’
    • ‘If you can come up with a name and he chooses it for his new pub, you will win a VIP night, including loadsa free drink, at the boozer's opening night.’
    • ‘Why should a kid who swears at tutors, skips half his/her lessons and doesn't give a toss about education get Uni paid for them just because they think they'll have a sweet life earning loadsa cash one they're out of Uni?’
    • ‘These people came to Ireland to work and to save loadsa money.’
    • ‘But still we had loadsa fun, and a good workout to boot.’
    • ‘In one of his books there is even a recipe for ‘Couscous with summer vegetables and loadsa herbs’.’
    • ‘Once activated it can go booling on and one with loadsa extra facts that have little to do with the original category…’
    • ‘Some ideas to forget include being really busy with loadsa stuff, getting stoned a lot or as Alex mentions above, writing out a load then losing 'em charging them later.’
    a large amount, a fair amount, a good deal, a great deal, a deal, a great quantity, quantities, an abundance, a wealth, a profusion, plenty, masses
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