Definition of loadmaster in English:



  • The member of an aircraft's crew responsible for the cargo.

    • ‘The aircraft is flown by five crew members: the pilot and co-pilot, flight engineer and two loadmasters.’
    • ‘While holding, the loadmaster and flight engineer visually inspected the landing gear and confirmed that the forward right main gear was in the down and locked position while the aft right main gear had partially retracted.’
    • ‘They were just about to call for taxi clearance when one of the aircrew told the loadmaster that the battery door might still be open.’
    • ‘‘We coordinated the unload once the ground forces had made sure that the area was secure,’ the loadmaster said.’
    • ‘As it taxied on the ramp at Bashur Airfield, Iraq, the loadmaster lowered the cargo plane's rear ramp.’
    • ‘A single loadmaster is able to reconfigure the cargo compartment for different roles either in flight or on the ground.’
    • ‘The loadmasters wouldn't unpack personal bags because they were supposed to be leaving.’
    • ‘This is a ‘crewed’ environment, the loadmasters communicating evasive actions to the pilot and crew on the flight deck if required to ensure our flight is a safe one.’
    • ‘The loadmasters and the flight mech secured the jumpers in the cargo compartment and closed the ramp and door.’
    • ‘The pilots and loadmasters are a tight-knit group.’
    • ‘I often see loadmasters shaking their heads when I come on board with a parachute.’
    • ‘He also oversaw facility chiefs prepare 12 hazardous cargo declarations to ensure aircraft loadmasters were aware of potentially dangerous materials.’
    • ‘The loadmaster's station is located in the lobby deck.’
    • ‘Once in place, the loadmasters had to chain the heavily armored vehicles securely to the floor.’
    • ‘Inside are to be found the two pilots in a surprisingly detailed cockpit, a loadmaster and another individual by the starboard forward door.’
    • ‘Even though the two loadmasters could be mistaken for brothers, he's the antithesis of Sergeant Johnson.’
    • ‘Everyone who crews a 36SQN Hercules - the pilots, navigator, flight engineer and loadmasters - all do the course at some point, and they're not allowed to fly tactical operations until they do.’
    • ‘Most of the time, they have someone on board, usually a loadmaster, who can speak English.’
    • ‘First, if the doctrine is appropriate, there should be clarity in the chain of command from the loadmaster or boomer out flying the line to the commander in chief.’
    • ‘As I arrived at the squadron, the first crew member I met was our second loadmaster, a reservist who was a knowledgeable and skilled aircraft mechanic.’