Definition of loading bay in English:

loading bay


  • A bay or recess in a building where vehicles are loaded and unloaded.

    • ‘On the secondary street facade, to the north-west, the slate base is punctuated by a series of loading bays, treated as architectural events with ribbed metal doors and stone ramps.’
    • ‘As an alternative, the plan moots the setting up of an exclusive loading bay for private vehicles by the side of the parking area to minimise crowding of deplaning passengers.’
    • ‘But here we are now… We have 18 tractors, ploughs, loading bays, buildings.’
    • ‘On Church Street some of the single yellow lines beside St. Columba's Church graveyard are to be removed to provide more parking at the northern end of the town while the loading bay at Church Street is to be converted into a car parking space.’
    • ‘Businesses should also benefit, with clearly signed loading bays.’
    • ‘It's a basement or a loading bay - exposed brick and concrete, dust, but it's laid out like a makeshift temple, like those nomadic Charismatic Churches that meet in schools, halls, anywhere.’
    • ‘Sometimes they fall off loading bays, are slammed into doors, or are bashed into walls.’
    • ‘So are all the parking tickets issued to vehicles parked in these loading bays legal?’
    • ‘They walked me outside into the vacant loading bay of the building.’
    • ‘He said vehicles with disabled badges were often parked in the loading bay, while other motorists fill disabled parking spaces in Church Street.’
    • ‘The development also includes 26 new homes in the mill grounds - most are new build but others have been created in ancillary buildings such as the engine house and loading bays.’
    • ‘The firm has demolished an old loading bay and store in preparation for a building to house four fermenting vessels and a barrel racking system.’
    • ‘New boxes were in place, the door on the loading bay was getting its final workout and, over the weekend, the two computerized work stations were moved in and installed.’
    • ‘She wanted to use the toilet nearest to the loading bay.’
    • ‘It is proposed the loading bays be used by commercial vehicles from 8 am to 11 pm and will then be used by cars.’
    • ‘The chamber is also seeking information on residents permits and what vehicles would be entitled to use loading bays.’
    • ‘The plan will see current buildings demolished and replaced with a new production hall, chilled storage facilities, a chilled loading bay and new offices.’
    • ‘A previous conservation officer who has since left the council is believed to have approved the work, which has been carried out at the entrance of Festival Hall and the loading bay on the opposite side of the building.’
    • ‘The committee's nine councillors all expressed their opposition to the plans for demolishing the Burstead Plough pub and replacing it with a supermarket, an 81-space car park, loading bays and recycling facilities.’
    • ‘Once you have removed the building, you no longer need loading bays or walkways.’