Definition of load-shedding in English:



mass noun
  • Action to reduce the load on something, especially the interruption of an electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant.

    • ‘For the uninitiated, many parts of India suffer from power shortage due to which the local Electricity Boards, mostly run by the government, have to employ a method known as load-shedding.’
    • ‘They have pushed the state into bankruptcy, unemployment is soaring and load-shedding is going up.’
    • ‘Even as the audience rushed to get out of the hall, before the mandatory half-an-hour's load-shedding got up with them, the rhythm of tribal music was in them.’
    • ‘Last year was a disaster as the industrial units suffered losses of billions of rupees due to an eight-hour daily load-shedding and low voltage problem.’
    • ‘This, the commission said, is in order to minimise the possibility of load-shedding - power failure due to overloading of the system - after two main transformers serving the San Juan sub-station failed on Monday night.’
    • ‘For all you leering lechers, a severe drought and eventual brown-outs, load-shedding and power failures could prove a bonanza.’
    • ‘Clark Cotton Zambia in Chipata has complained that the load-shedding has devastated the ginning of cotton and has pushed up the company's operation costs.’
    • ‘But Mumbai, like Bangalore, has been prioritised in power supply so there is never any load-shedding here, though the rest of the state including IT hubs like Navi Mumbai and Pune suffer from this problem.’
    • ‘Those of us who are looking for an end to the days of power cuts and load-shedding may be anxious at the games the monsoon is playing.’
    • ‘This loss of generation capacity has resulted in deficits during periods of peak demand, which has necessitated load-shedding on some occasions.’
    • ‘The national security forces were put on high alert last night, as the country braced for possible blackouts and load-shedding, after the failure of a major gas pipeline supplying T & TEC.’
    • ‘There is a sudden scramble for lanterns, re-chargeable solar lanterns and even candles in shops now, as people prepare themselves to brave load-shedding that promises not to go away any time in the near future.’