Definition of loa in English:



  • A god in the voodoo cult of Haiti.

    • ‘Typically, these beauties portray loas, or spirits, which will be conjured during rituals involving trance-inducing drumming and dance.’
    • ‘One's own ancestors are also revered in a manner that is inseparable, it would seem, from the reverence of the loa or orishas.’
    • ‘Or do things like scorpion loa exist in objective reality?’
    • ‘He was known for being a white man who participated in voodoo ceremonies and for regularly being possessed by the loa, generally while in a drunken state.’
    • ‘What common psychology calls disassociative identity disorder is sometimes known in other cultures (including some of my own) by better names, such as being ridden by a loa.’
    • ‘The magus that deals with servitors, and totems, and loa, and whatever thoughtform you can come up with faces that similar danger.’
    • ‘The lurching father suggests a voodoo zombi dug up by some malevolent Pedro loa and set to work in the plantations of Haiti.’
    • ‘Her style is lucid, and she covers the loa very well.’
    • ‘I remember in the invisibles King Mob uses a technique from the Couvesomething (been a while) Voodoo group to dream himself through time using a spider loa or totem of some sort.’
    • ‘They'd rescued over thirty cursed items between them, battling voodoo loas, Druids, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts in the process.’
    • ‘He said that he was researching the voodoo issue shortly after the series began and that he accidentally contacted the scorpion loas or something like that, which made him sick for a year and ultimately climaxed with him in the hospital.’
    • ‘I thought that a scorpion loa hospitalised him?’
    • ‘As in spirit-possession, as we have seen, an actor speaks on behalf of the loa or deity.’
    • ‘The person ‘mounted’ is not held responsible for what he or she says in this context, but is seen as an instrument of the loa, who speaks through him or her.’
    • ‘As a parallel, the way a voodoo party works is one sets out the food and offerings, invites the loa to attend, and then the drumming and dancing start up and can go on for days at a time.’
    • ‘The sideways contour of Port-au-Prince's bay has been transformed into the outline of a loa clutching a sword.’
    • ‘The islanders tell a story of an American officer of the occupation named Whitney, who found a stone on the island that contained the power of a god, a loa.’
    • ‘He is the horse of the loa until the spirit departs.’
    • ‘Experts explain that metaphors of mounting and riding are not perceived as a matter of domination but as a movement of spiritual expansion during which a loa dances in the head of a believer and enlarges his or her soul.’
    • ‘I think it may actually be a loa, though there's probably a more western-based version of the same idea.’


Haitian Creole.