Definition of lo-res in English:


(also low-res)


  • (of a display or an image) showing a small amount of detail.

    • ‘It was, and after a few moments of earnest disk access, I was rewarded with a subdued low-res color graphic of Stonehenge, a sundial and other oddities, with messages politely telling me to be patient while Linux loaded.’
    • ‘Handheld consoles traditionally suffer from small lo-res screens, poor sound, restrictively small storage media, simplistic controls, low processing power, inelegant connectivity options and (let's be honest) ugly designs.’
    • ‘Also added are additions to the toolset, multiple undo and the ability to apply the warp to a low-res version of the image first to make sure that the results are desirable.’
    • ‘Short texts that the artist either wrote or ‘found’ and copied verbatim are accompanied by low-res photo attachments that she took with her cell-phone camera.’
    • ‘In the meantime, low-res versions will displayed freely online.’


1980s: from low-resolution.