Definition of LMK in English:



  • Let me know.

    ‘LMK how it goes’
    • ‘If anyone here ever been to Thailand and likes combat sports, LMK what's good!’
    • ‘It's nice to know that you won't be throwing these earbuds away at the first opportunity, or if you decide to, LMK—I'll send you my mailing address.’
    • ‘I might have a pair of amber corner lights for your sedan, LMK if you want them.’
    • ‘Like it dislike it LMK; I just want my music to keep improving so I'm open to all forms of criticism and opinions.’
    • ‘Tell an 18 year old serving in the army they're a teen and LMK what their response is.’
    • ‘Just wondering, have you listened to hers freestyle over the track? LMK what you think after.’
    • ‘Email me the code and then LMK if you did, and I'll reply back.’
    • ‘LMK if you want anything further.’
    • ‘LMK if you want more info.’
    • ‘If anyone is looking to sell a set, LMK.’