Definition of livre tournois in English:

livre tournois


  • A coin or unit of account in use in France from the Middle Ages to the 18th cent., and divided into 20 sols (or sous).


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in John Stubbs (c1541–1590), religious writer. From Middle French livre tournois from livre + tournois of Tours (13th cent. in Old French as a noun, 1346 as adjective, both earliest with reference to currencies; from post-classical Latin Turonensis of or relating to the region of Tours; from classical Latin Tūrōnēs (also Tūrōnī), the name of the Gaulish people originally inhabiting that region + -ēnsis; compare post-classical Latin Civitas Turonum, the name of Tours, lit. ‘city of the Turones’).


livre tournois

/ˌliːvrə tʊəˈnwɑː/