Definition of livid in English:



  • 1Furiously angry:

    ‘he was livid that Garry had escaped’
    • ‘I was livid with anger; desperately trying to maintain my composure in the face of blatant bigotry, and extreme ignorance on the verge of stupidity.’
    • ‘A quiet street was left resembling a scrapyard after an irate motorist, apparently livid at not finding a parking spot outside his house, went berserk and smashed up all the cars on the street.’
    • ‘It remains a solitary recorded example of coffee-table trip-hop fans erupting in a livid wave of anger - the musical equivalent of assistant librarians rioting.’
    • ‘I am incensed, I am livid, I am wide awake at 3.20 in the morning Thursday writing this email.’
    • ‘He was livid, cross with himself, and frustrated.’
    • ‘The parlor doors burst open, and Ashton strode inside, looking livid with anger.’
    • ‘After I left the office, I was livid with anger, and would have shoved anyone's head down a toilet if they had as much as said a word to me.’
    • ‘He was livid, furious at his father and his anger grew with every tear his mother shed.’
    • ‘Ryder was seriously moving past furious to livid.’
    • ‘Her eyes grew livid with anger and she reached for the phone.’
    • ‘Both were angry, more livid than she could imagine.’
    • ‘Alex was livid, visibly shaking with anger and terror.’
    • ‘My buddy told me that Abe was livid with anger, but he hid it, and continued to talk to Barney as though nothing untoward had been said!’
    • ‘It's a saying that makes women livid with frustration and anger at the unfairness of life, while men can remain smugly secure in their bald spot.’
    • ‘Joyce isn't speaking with ‘sly humour’ but with livid anger that a tradesman is delaying his book's publication.’
    • ‘Aides say he was fuming, so livid that he almost refused to come out to talk to the crowd.’
    • ‘He was absolutely livid, fuming at the station staff who couldn't advise him when his next train would be.’
    • ‘And I am enraged, horrified, livid that someone would doubt this.’
    • ‘He looks livid, however, and I'm dreading the angry shouting that I'll probably get to look forward to later tonight.’
    • ‘I was infuriated at being restrained like this, and absolutely livid that they had taken Gabriel away… maybe even killed him.’
    furious, angry, infuriated, irate, fuming, raging, seething, incensed, enraged, angered, beside oneself, wrathful, ireful, maddened, cross, annoyed, irritated, exasperated, indignant
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  • 2Dark bluish grey in colour:

    ‘livid bruises’
    • ‘A female teaching colleague once showed me her legs, arms and torso covered in livid bruises.’
    • ‘A livid scar stood out against the chestnut skin from his left cheek down to his chin.’
    • ‘They were also concerned that Mrs Holland had a livid bruise on her jaw and had lost a tooth as a result of an assault the previous week.’
    • ‘Off to the Charity Ball is a firm favourite, with its livid pastels against bright white, the skulking figures throwing dark, tactile shadows onto the projecting shelf below.’
    • ‘The colours come straight from the furnace: ochre, livid purple and charcoal, culminating in the fierce heat of dusk when the dying sun sets fire to the ridgetops.’
    • ‘She stroked her long brown hair, making sure it covered the livid bruise on her cheek.’
    • ‘There were livid bruises on his shoulder, and chest, he was unshaven, and his hair uncombed.’
    • ‘The recoil brought the barrel upwards and it smacked into her face, leaving a livid bruise.’
    • ‘He had a livid bruise on his cheek, which was swooned over by many admirers.’
    • ‘My eyes flashed past Nathan picturesque face and caught a figure in black that stood out plainly in the mass of livid colors.’
    • ‘It was a livid blue colour although sometimes it melded through a shocking purple into a bright red.’
    • ‘There was a large and livid bruise on the left side of her face, where he had hit her, and a cut on the opposite cheek, which he hadn't seen before, where she had hit the floor.’
    • ‘Among them, nevertheless, are children still in wheelchairs, adults with crutches, a solicitous woman whose face and arms are speckled still with the dark, livid marks left by flying glass.’
    • ‘There was a fresh livid purple bruise under his ear, as though he'd been in a fight.’
    • ‘Her skin was still pale with the exception of the livid bruises that dotted her body.’
    • ‘There's been a colour-shift giving them a rather livid hue as if they had all been bruised in a fight for survival.’
    • ‘Dark marks ringed the boy's bony wrist, livid against pale flesh.’
    • ‘His body in livid bruises is depicted against the background of Poland's national flag.’
    • ‘Although the application of a cold wet cloth to the injured area may keep the bruise from becoming too livid, the bruise should disappear by itself in 10 to 14 days.’
    purplish, bluish, dark, discoloured, black and blue, purple, greyish-blue
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘of a bluish leaden colour’): from French livide or Latin lividus, from livere be bluish. The sense ‘furiously angry’ dates from the early 20th century.