Definition of livery stable in English:

livery stable

(also livery yard)


  • A stable where horses are kept at livery or let out for hire.

    • ‘The livery stables are near those particular hunting stables.’
    • ‘Six months after the ban came into force, livery yards, farriers, blacksmiths and those who make saddlery and hunting clothes are starting to suffer from the dwindling numbers of hunters.’
    • ‘The scheme came about following complaints from local farmers, horse riders and three local livery stables, among others.’
    • ‘In 1890 he instructed superintendents to engage mounts from livery stables if scouts or mounted police were ever required.’
    • ‘When the group was in agreement and had made a plan, they remounted their horses, rode to the livery stable, traded horses for their carriage and headed for the center of town.’
    • ‘As well as creating a unique spectacle the bloodsport has also provided income for farriers, livery yards and other businesses associated with hunting.’
    • ‘The cost of a horse at livery, to hire from a livery stable, by the day would range between £75 to £130 in different parts of the country, according to the quality of the horse, broadly.’
    • ‘He walked his horse over to the livery stable, and stepped down.’
    • ‘A livery stable let out horses and vehicles for hire.’
    • ‘He's at a new livery yard that is just down the road from me.’
    • ‘Under amendments to the Waste Management and Licensing Regulations, livery yards, stables and riding schools who add anything to their muck to compost it for fertiliser will be eligible for the fee.’
    • ‘She hopped off her horse and pulled her saddlebags off before passing the horse off to Darren who took them to the livery stable for the night.’
    • ‘They watched him ride to the livery stable and disappear.’
    • ‘Under legislation which comes into force in July, equestrian businesses - including livery yards, studs and riding schools - which compost muck to use as fertiliser will have to obtain a permit, costing up to £500.’
    • ‘This would help the rural economy, and provide diversification possibilities for farmers - bed and breakfast for both riders and their horses, livery yards, toll rides - as well as promoting a healthy outdoor activity.’
    • ‘The new ruling means that livery yards, studs and riding schools in North Yorkshire which compost muck to use as a fertiliser must have a permit costing up to £500.’
    • ‘But still finds time to compete at top level equestrian events and help out at the family livery yard at Astley.’
    • ‘Last week, the British Horse Society warned that many riding schools, trekking centres and livery stables risked going out of business as a result of restrictions.’
    • ‘But then after about a mile the moment is lost and we're back in civilisation amongst the horse livery yards and the upmarket pubs of this part of rural Berkshire.’
    • ‘Athens became a beehive of livery stables, and manufacturers of buggies and wagons, and various types of carriages.’


livery stable