Definition of Liverpudlian in English:



  • 1A native of Liverpool.

    • ‘Not surprisingly this hostility rears its head most often when the Liverpudlians feel they have been insulted.’
    • ‘The lure of the lurid would lead pop-rock away from the Liverpudlians and into the grip of the Londoners.’
    • ‘As for laughter, I'm Liverpudlian and so was raised on the stuff.’
    • ‘The Welsh don't live in Rhyl - they don't like it - Liverpudlians and Manchurians only.’
    • ‘He laughs off the suggestion that United fans might not take kindly to the jibe and, on behalf of his fellow Liverpudlians, points out ‘We get called a lot worse than that!’’
    • ‘Ordinary Liverpudlians are feeling the winds of change.’
    • ‘The home side had a lot of possession but rarely threatened the visitors in the final third and slumped to a defeat as the Liverpudlians netted a goal in each half.’
    • ‘Midlanders were particularly attracted to the South West, Liverpudlians and Mancunians to Wales and Londoners to the South Coast or theme parks in the Home Counties.’
    • ‘Scots, Geordies, Liverpudlians and Mancunians obviously never do.’
    • ‘A couple of Liverpudlians have started a petition, others say they are going to write letters.’
    • ‘It's not that Liverpudlians deny that such people exist in their city, rather that they can't understand why everyone else is overlooked.’
    • ‘This isn't altogether fair on Liverpudlians, but there is something intangible in the ethos of that city's music which tends to annoy me.’
    • ‘I have known Everton fans win football arguments by listing the old prize among their achievements, while my fellow Liverpudlians had to sit back and take it after another barren season.’
    • ‘Finally, crates packed to bursting with top-quality apparel are carried across country by unemployed, barefoot Liverpudlians who work for no more than a can of strong lager, a packet of fags and a Lotto scratchcard a day.’
    • ‘Instead, like so many other Liverpudlians, he likes nothing more than telling a good tale.’
    • ‘Outraged Liverpudlians - who remember the lies the paper came out with after the Hillsborough disaster - complain in their city's newspapers.’
    • ‘So devastated, in fact, that many of his friends wondered if professional soccer had seen the last of the big, amiable Liverpudlian.’
    • ‘Forced to share the accommodation and appalling conditions of the local community, they were initially provided with food by earlier settlers and friendly Liverpudlians.’
    • ‘Still, these photographs taken at the declining coastal resort of New Brighton, a favourite holiday destination for Liverpudlians, are the Parr shots that everyone knows.’
    • ‘But Liverpudlians remember him for something else.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The dialect or accent of people from Liverpool.
      ‘she answered in nasal Liverpudlian’
      • ‘The regional accent, be it Doric or downtown Liverpudlian, has always been associated with authenticity.’


  • Relating to Liverpool.

    ‘a Liverpudlian accent’
    • ‘I was bullied because I had an unusual surname and a broad Liverpudlian accent.’
    • ‘It was a constant struggle to exist in the face of the more powerful Liverpudlian neighbours.’
    • ‘This statement could lead to a person being cast out of some families, particularly those with Liverpudlian parentage.’
    • ‘The likeable Welsh-born Liverpudlian ex-teacher always comes across as being very laid back.’
    • ‘The accent, at least, is familiar, a deep Liverpudlian growl with the hint of a chuckle flickering around its edge.’
    • ‘They believe one was Asian and another spoke with a Liverpudlian accent.’
    • ‘You don't hear many Liverpudlian accents on TV, at least not in a position of authority.’
    • ‘He had a thick Liverpudlian accent which made it harder to understand and he was going into some detail about what had happened.’
    • ‘One of the conmen is between 20 and 30, was fairly well spoken with a possible Liverpudlian accent, of average build, around 5ft 9in, with wavy blond hair.’
    • ‘To encourage some experimentation in creative writing, the Liverpudlian writer and teacher also performed some extracts from his books.’
    • ‘The first book in a series of seven sets up the premise, and tells the story of how one cell - the cell we follow throughout the series - recruits a mean-spirited Liverpudlian teenager to join the group.’
    • ‘Others questioned the ease with which he jettisoned the familiar middle-class mode of speech that had served him so well in the US in order to adopt an overtly downbeat, Liverpudlian accent on his return to the UK.’
    • ‘This has sometimes put their 47-year-old Liverpudlian successor in an unfamiliar position.’
    • ‘I detest her attempts to personify a chummy Liverpudlian lass when she probably hasn't been near the Scotty Road for 40 years.’
    • ‘The 24-year-old is exhausted, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has been observing the band's meteoric shift from struggling Liverpudlian musicians a few years back to confirmed darlings of the music press.’
    • ‘Some regard his steely look and dry Liverpudlian wit as scary.’
    • ‘They have that Liverpudlian mysticism about them, a really romantic edge.’
    • ‘In the 17th century two Liverpudlian wine merchants working in North Portugal discovered that by adding brandy and sugar to their rather placid red wine they could sell bucket-loads of the stuff in London.’
    • ‘Close your eyes and you would swear it was the originals - Liverpudlian accents and all.’
    • ‘But when the man himself appeared in his neat pinstripe suit it wasn't long before believers were being won over by his accuracy and down-to-earth Liverpudlian ways.’


Mid 19th century: humorous formation from Liverpool + puddle.