Definition of liver sausage in English:

liver sausage


mass nounBritish
  • A savoury meat paste in the form of a sausage containing cooked liver, or a mixture of liver and pork.

    • ‘This is a liver sausage, which Christoph suggested spreading on toasts of excellent German bread.’
    • ‘My mouth waters to this day when I think of the liver sausage and German red sausage that emerged from these day-long efforts.’
    • ‘The deli's also open then, if you want some prosciutto or, as seems to be popular in our house, liver sausage, on your toast.’
    • ‘These include chicken strips, pan-fried potatoes, salads and a choice of wieners and liver sausage.’
    • ‘Beyond the frankfurter there is the a red sausage from Thuringia, a liver sausage from Kassel, and a black sausage from Swabia which is spiced with thyme, cloves and nutmeg.’
    • ‘Most days they stay at home eating cheap liver sausage and watching television.’