Definition of liven in English:



  • Make or become more lively or interesting:

    [with object] ‘liven up bland foods with a touch of mustard’
    [no object] ‘the match didn't liven up until the second half’
    • ‘This colourful collection of adverts certainly livens up what would otherwise be just another dilapidated shop, and acts as an unofficial noticeboard of the latest music releases.’
    • ‘The chamber is looking for people with new ideas and fresh input to liven things up and help promote the town's business interests.’
    • ‘Counting beads livens up math class for young students.’
    • ‘On the other hand, suspending all rational powers of disbelief and gasping out loud in glee can be great fun, and livens up a mundane weekday evening.’
    • ‘The author's wry sense of humour livens the narration and sometimes some passages seem to touch on topics not merely medical.’
    • ‘A close pal can liven up an afternoon by announcing that her new love interest has, without warning, moved to Chicago.’
    • ‘So they set about livening it up (or dumbing it down, depending on your viewpoint.)’
    • ‘All those hours of driving them to to rehearsals and waiting for them to finish seemed worth it as kids lined up on stage and pranced about in attractive costumes, livening up the show.’
    • ‘Now, I'm all for livening up political debate with evocative language and different means of expression, but I did find this one a bit too cryptic.’
    • ‘I guess I'd better get this book so I can enrich my life while livening up my daily commute!’
    • ‘Potent purple pigments in the blueberries are excellent for livening up the arteries, while their vitamin C content wakes up the immune system.’
    • ‘A lively debate helps liven up the evening, exercises the mind and gets the blood flowing.’
    • ‘The waterslide town is also known for its annual arts fest, which livens up the Laurentians every August with classical music and dance for nine days straight.’
    • ‘Self-medication simply livens up the process for spectators and riders alike.’
    • ‘Who cares; fact is, they've livened up the charts with bright and tuneful pop music that reveals exactly as much as you want at the moment.’
    • ‘The model might have been a real maja - one of the bright young things of questionable virtue who livened up the streets of Madrid, the way Goths and gender-benders do today.’
    • ‘Sometimes a colorful insult or description livens up a detailed argument.’
    • ‘However, in the third quarter the game began to liven up and for once I was interested in the plays.’
    • ‘The other parties in this collusion shall, of course, remain nameless - but thank you for livening up what would have otherwise been an astoundingly dull evening.’
    • ‘Musical rhythms from symphonic masterpieces are translated into sequences of stripes and colours, livening up an inspired line of clothing that comes with a CD as a free gift.’
    brighten up, cheer up, perk up, wake up, revive, rally, pick up, become lively, bounce back
    buck up
    brighten up, cheer up, enliven, put some life into, animate, put some spark into, raise someone's spirits, perk up, spice up, ginger up, make lively, wake up, waken up, hearten, gladden, invigorate, give a boost to, rejuvenate, vitalize, restore, revive, refresh, vivify, put some zest into, galvanize, stimulate, stir up, get going
    buck up, pep up, jazz up, hot up
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